I try to be somewhat guarded about what I put into my body. I have a fairly busy schedule and the hours I keep are consistently…inconsistent. Therefore I’m usually looking for something convenient to grab on my way out the door for a snack or what I might loosely term as “dessert”. Enter the protein bar, an item that companies spend millions of dollars on every year to research, produce and market to the snacking public, withΒ what seems (to me) to be a Β focus on women.Β  I have been sticking with a particular brand, the Luna Bar, for quite some time now. It meets my three basic requirements; it is affordable (usually around $1 per bar), it is widely available (not just health food-focused retailers) and yep, it’s delicious. However I’m open to giving new items a chance, so I decided to test drive a few other brands and a spin-off product of Luna’s as well.