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October 2014

Almond Milk – The Nectar of the Gods?

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I’m going to give it to you straight – I don’t like white milk. I’m talking the original, plain white cow’s milk. I know a lot of you out there (including my significant other) are wondering what unfortunate condition would explain such an abnormality. Now chocolate milk, I can handle. But I’m pretty sure that a decent dose of chocolate would improve the taste of a Reebok, so maybe I shouldn’t use that as defense. With the enormous popularity that is the alternative milk market – soy, rice and cashew milks being among them – I decided to jump into the wild and wonderful world of almond milk.


Gilding the Lily – A Look at Flavored Water Enhancers

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I think there are probably a lot of us out there who can say that we don’t drink enough water. I do try to drink quite a bit, but I definitely don’t come anywhere near the RDA. I have heard some people say that they don’t like the “taste” of water, when in fact I believe they are referring to the absence of a flavor. With all of the beverages available on the market, not to mention the vast number of flavor options, it’s no wonder that the average palate needs a little something extra in order to make what they are drinking more appealing. With that in mind, I wanted to explore the market of flavored water enhancers, those tiny containers of concentrated flavored liquid designed to be added to water to make it more palatable to the average consumer.


A Few of My Favorite Things

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So this week I decided to let all of you out there know about some of my current favorites. They include not just food or beverages, but also tools, trends, and people who are important to me in the world of food. I will probably do these periodically as my favorites change up. Hope you enjoy!

Canada Dry Ginger Ale  ( Don’t know what it is, but I have been tearing through this stuff for the past couple of months. It was always a staple when I was sick as a little girl, but now it has become a practically permanent fixture in my fridge. It’s cold, it’s crisp, it’s bubbly; what’s not to like? They obviously know what they’re up to; they’ve been making soda water of various kinds since 1890, and today have a full range of flavored sodas and tonic water (honorable mention goes out to the Cranberry Ginger Ale – yum!!) It’s made from real ginger, has the right balance of sweet and dry for my personal taste, and in my humble opinion, outdoes its biggest competitor by leaps and bounds (sorry Schweppes!)


A Post On Etiquette (Pt. II)

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In the second half of my etiquette series, I am going to take a look at restaurant behavior from the point of view of the customer. I sometimes feel that as a long-time restaurant employee, I tend to have a bit more of a critical eye when I dine out.  Having both supervised and worked alongside a wide variety of personalities (you know who you are), I know what I look for in a server and what level of service , and ultimately behavior, is going to get that 30% tip from me.  And for those of you reading this who never worked in restaurants, please bear in mind that nearly every establishment has a different procedure for service, and commonly ask different things of their staff. So…


A Post On Etiquette (Pt.1)

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This is the first of a two-part series on restaurant etiquette. Having been in the business for nearly twenty years, I feel like I have quite a bit to say on the subject, from a perspective both as a customer and an employee. This can be something of a sensitive subject for some folks, so I will ask my readers to just bear in mind that this is only my opinion, and in no way am I intentionally making judgments on the lives of other people.  With that in mind…


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