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January 2015

Leeking Vital Information – the Lowdown On a Great Green

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I have been a fan of leeks for a long time. I feel like they don’t get a whole lot of the culinary spotlight, being upstaged somewhat by their more popular cousin garlic, and their even more commonly available relative, the onion. I always like to recommend them to people who want some onion flavor without the breath-killing sulfur compounds that regular onions contain. So this week I am going to bringΒ leeks a little more into the forefront, and maybe inspire some of you out there who haven’t given them a try to do so in the future.


A Few of My Favorite Things #2

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Ok gang, it’s time for me to make this blog all about me again. You may now proceed with groaning and rolling your eyes! Yes, I’m going to go over some things I’ve been eating/drinking/watching/using for the past few months, and hopefully you find it interesting and maybe you’ll feel inspired to try one or two. Read on!

Soothing Caramel Bedtime Tea by Yogi I suffered from a rather extreme case of insomnia for most of my childhood. Now, thankfully, it’s only periodic. This tea is pretty helpful in keeping me from the drudgery of counting sheep (pesky sheep!). It is not intensely sweet, but there is a distinct caramel note and it is very fragrant. And let’s face it, a cup of nice warm decaf tea – no matter the flavor – will generally help you relax. This just happens to be my current favorite, plus it doesn’t have any of those chemical baddies that can sometimes be found in this sort of product.


The Quaker Snack Empire – Now Twice as Rice!

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Unless you live in a hole in the ground, you are probably aware of the Quaker Company. They’ve been spreading the good word of oatmeal since 1877, and in the past decade orΒ soΒ have been branching out considerably to compete with other snack giants such as Frito Lay. Since it’s that time of year when lots of folks are looking to be a little healthier, I wanted to explore a couple of their snack products and see what they had to offer those of us who don’t want the term “healthy snack” to be an oxymoron.


It’s Never Too Late for Good Luck!

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There are certain situations in life where timing can be crucial. And some of my readers may be a little confused – or even put out – that I am posting this after the fact. However, I say there’s never an inappropriate time to do what you can to bring good fortune to yourself, if you happen to believe in that sort of thing. I myself will take all the prosperity I can get anytime I can get it. That being said…


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