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March 2015

The Herb Series Pt. 5 – Walking in Tall Grass

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It’s that time again gang, and with the onset of spring, I thought about featuring an herb that, for whatever reason, I equate with the season: lemongrass. With its subtle, citrusy flavor and bright green color, I can’t help but start thinking of warmer temperatures and more sunshine.

Cymbopogon citratus, or common lemongrass, is also referred to as citronella grass, fever grass and (in the Philippines) tanglad. It is – obviously – in the grass family, and like its many uses, it also has many varieties, and each variety has its own place of origin. The common variety is found in Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines and other Southeast Asian maritime countries. The plants can grow to around six feet tall and will last up to three to four years if cared for properly. Once mature, the grass can be harvested every three to five months, and is propagated by separating the bulbs at the base. Lemongrass is an excellent companion plant for such items as tomatoes and broccoli, acting as a natural pesticide for both plants. It should be noted however that physical barriers of some sort are helpful, as the roots of the plant can spread out and take over the field. However, it does store well, keeping about two to three weeks in a brown paper bag in the refrigerator or several months in the freezer.


Love With Food Subscription Box #2

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So after the impression left on me by my first Love With Food subscription box last month, I was eagerly anticipating my follow-up delivery for March. And I’m pleased to say that it was a winner. But I’ll stop yakking now and get into these little gems.

Choco Chews by Trujoy Sweets – So if you saw these, you would just say, ugh, they’re just knock-off Tootsie Rolls. Nope, not quite. These are gluten-free, vegan, certified organic, non-GMO chocolate chews. And this Illinois-based company also offers lollipops, candy canes, and fruit-flavored chews that fit the same bill. Oh and I almost forgot to mention – they’re delicious.  or on Twitter @SurfSweets


Better Eating and Living – Becoming a Locavore

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One trend in food that thankfully does not seem to be going away is what is sometimes referred to as “farm-to-table” eating, in which one sources as much of their everyday diet as possible from producers in and around their community. In a sense, calling it a trend is a misnomer; it never really ‘went away”, there has simply been a resurgence in its popularity. As long as there have been gardeners and farmers, there have been locavores. In fact, prior to the industrial revolution, that’s all we were, a great big agricultural, local-eating society. However, some folks out there may be interested in incorporating more fresh locally-grown food into their lives and may not be aware of all that is available to them. So I compiled a few online resources below that may be helpful.


Hitting the Books With Two Southern Chefs

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Here in the Southern United States, we have quite a few traits that seem to set us apart from the rest of the country. Our accent, our proclivity for good manners, our affinity for college football…and the list goes on. But one of the elements that stands out the most, that is deeply rooted in our history and culture is our food. From Lowcountry cooking in South Carolina to the varying styles of barbecue between Memphis and Texas, our dishes are as colorful (and meaningful) as our people. So when I came across Southern Comfort, a cookbook by husband-and-wife chefs Slade and Allison Vines-Rushing, I thought a little review might be in order.


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