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May 2015

Five Foods for Healthy Skin

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Ok, so this one goes out to the ladies this week…or, well, anyone who is interested in having healthy, good-looking skin. It’s important after all; it’s the largest organ we have and when you think about it, it really is the first thing people see. And we all know that getting our vitamins and minerals is important if we want to live a generally long, healthy life and keep our skin looking (and feeling) good. While some of us are a little more prodigious about getting them than others, it is something we should all keep in mind. Some folks take supplements or topical treatments, but if you’re like me, you’d much rather eat what’s good for you than take a pill. So I’m venturing into the realm of skin-loving vitamins, and the five foods that contain the highest levels of them. As a small disclaimer, I am in no way a nutritionist or a dermatologist, so if you have any questions about what is covered in this post, please consult a professional. I’m just over here trying to eat a little healthier!


Love With Food Box #4

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And so we come once again to another Love With Food subscription box. I have started to anticipate these monthly deliveries with a measure of excitement, largely because it has continued to introduce me to new items that I have enjoyed and gone on to repurchase. So let’s crack open this box and see what little snacking gems have arrived!

Spinach & Kale Corn Chips by The Better Chip – although all the snacks are technically “sample” sizes, this was the largest package in the box and pretty substantial. While the parent company of The Better Chip is based in LA, the actual product is made in Mexico, and the website has lots of interesting information, including the five delicious flavors of chips available – they specialize exclusively in corn chips – which include Original Fresh Corn, Beet, Jalapeno, Spinach & Kale, and Chipotle. They even provide consumers with serving suggestions, such as a warm cheese dip for the Spinach & Kale chips I received. And while I will give a hearty “Yes please!” to that suggestion, these chips truly were flavorful enough to stand on their own. For those of you who are averse to eating their greens, be aware…these only taste like corn chips. They are crunchy and salty, everything you expect from a corn chip. Except these are significantly better for you. And they are vegan, gluten-free and non-GMO. Win-win! or on Twitter @TheBetterChip


Gelato Wishes and Ice Cream Dreams

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It’s starting to get warm out there – at least in a pretty large area of America anyway, and there are very few of us who don’t equate warm weather (and summer in general) with ice cream in its myriad varieties and flavors. It’s cool, it’s refreshing, it’s creamy…what’s not to love? And with the newer offerings of low-calorie, dairy-free and sugar-free options, anyone can join in the fun. And because there are so many available, and I have limited time to tell you about them, and you have limited interest in reading this blog…well, I thought I would narrow things down a bit and talk about ice cream, gelato and frozen custard.


Mango Mania

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Although it is technically still spring, I know that nowadays many of you are starting to think of (and are looking forward to) summer. And summer always brings on cravings for more fresh fruit, be it in a salad, a dessert or even in a cocktail (woo hoo!) And one of my particular favorites is the mango. Fresh, sweet, juicy and tropical, even the color of this little gem can send you on a mental vacation. And who doesn’t want one of those? Especially if you don’t have time for the real thing! So let’s kick back, put on our shades, and talk some mango madness…


Cracking Into Some Delicious Snacks

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We are a nation of snackers. Sometimes we just want a little sweet/salty/crunchy/savory deliciousness in our lives, and one item that can definitely fill that void is the snack cracker. Goodness knows the food market is flooded with various brands offering crispy baked treats of all flavors and styles, and one company that has been at the forefront for a very long time is Keebler. I have enjoyed their Townhouse and Club crackers since I was a child, and recently they’ve been expanding to provide some new offerings that will still be satisfying and (hopefully) not be quite as bad for us. I tried two flavors of their new(ish) line of baked Pita crackers last week and wanted to let you all know what I thought about them.


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