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August 2015

The Herb Series Pt. 7 – All the Thyme In the World

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So I noticed that it had been awhile since the last Herb Series installment – slap me on the wrist! This time around we’ll look at thyme, and I solemnly vow to keep the “thyme/time” puns to a minimum. With that out of the way, let’s explore this very common little herb that has more interesting uses than being sprinkled on chicken.


Love With Food Box #7

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It has come to the point where I am really looking forward to getting my subscription box each month. There is always something new and interesting, and very few things have not been to my taste. I also appreciate that basically everything falls into the healthy category in some way or another. So here’s a little rundown of what I received this month; a few repeats and some delicious new items as well.

Apple Hard Candy by Go Organic – I was pretty excited to get this full-sized bag of candies in the box, especially since I tried some of the Mint Iced Tea flavor as samples in another box, which I talked about here. As expected they were delicious, and thankfully didn’t have that chemical “fake” apple taste. on Twitter @HillsideCandy or IG #goorganiccandy


Spilling the Beans On A Classic Treat

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Let’s face it, we’re all picky in some way or another about food. As we grow, we taste more and more things, determining through trial and (sometimes unpleasant error) what we’re willing to take in to sustain us. There’s that particular brand of coffee you can’t start your day without, or maybe your brother will only eat Texas-style BBQ. There’s a reason we have the old marketing adage “Accept no substitutes.” Sometimes, we just won’t accept one. For me, it’s jelly beans. I know, kind of random, but it’s the truth. Ronald Reagan and I only accept Jelly Belly as our bean-maker of choice. And while I’m fairly certain that’s all I share with our late 40th president, I’m willing to bet that many of you out there agree with me. Jelly Belly is just the best.


Happy Belly, Happy Life – The Probiotic Principle

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As we all know, eating isn’t just about putting food in your mouth and chewing. There is also the very important stage of digestion, where our bodies basically determine what to do with what we just ingested. And again, it is fairly common knowledge that this process can on occasion be an unpleasant one, ranging anywhere from a little indigestion to serious conditions requiring hospitalization and sometimes even surgery. And no one wants that. So it is pretty important to do what you can to maintain the good health of your digestive system, partially by exercising but also by taking care about what you put into it. I myself am guilty of not maintaining the best diet in the world, and pay for it with periodic indigestion. As a means of reducing minor digestive issues of all kinds, various companies have begun offering foods and beverages containing probiotics as their main active ingredient. And when I spotted GoodBelly juice in my local market, I decided to give it a try.


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