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January 2016

The Herb Series Pt. 3 – Sage Advice

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As we like to say here in the South, “It’s fall, y’all!!” And for some reason unknown to me, sage is an herb that I have always associated with autumn. Is it that it’s the perennial pairing of choice with those other ubiquitous ingredients of fall, butternut and acorn squash? Is it the appealing mossy-green color or the earthy scent? Who knows. What matters is that sage is a lovely and versatile herb that has been in our food, medicine and perfume throughout history. And this week, I’m going to talk about it.Leafshot1

Sage has basically been in regular medical use for millennia, and what exactly it was used for was dependent upon the culture. The ancient Egyptians applied it in the use of women’s fertility, while the Greeks steeped the leaves to make a kind of tonic-like tea. And let us not forget Four Thieves Vinegar, that 14th-century concoction put together by those wanting to treat the plague.


What’s On My Plate – January

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Hello again all. I’m back, this time with a new monthly post I’ll be doing about…well, the little things. Basically all  the food-related stuff that is on my mind; what I’ve read in the news, what I’m eating and loving (or not loving), or just what has been distracting me from my “real” life in general. So get comfortable – if you’ve been with me for awhile, you know I can ramble. Oh and forgive me if my topics go all over the place, it’s just the way my little brain works!

So first let’s talk about Jamie Oliver. I have always been a major fan of his; his dishes always look amazing and they are for the most part simple to prepare and are really good for you, without making you feel like you’re eating something that’s “good for you”, know what I mean? Long ago I watched his cooking show on the Food Network (which I miss), and I even caught an episode or two of his series here in America where he attempted to get entire communities to change their eating habits, not only for their own sakes, but for the good of their children as well. I secretly believe that the reason the show didn’t last is because people simply don’t want to hear the truth about themselves. It’s a harsh thing to face, no matter what it is. But my point in including him this time around is about his campaign in England for a sugar tax. Now, I haven’t been following it closely, so I couldn’t tell you the latest goings on, but I can say that I stand behind him 150%, and I hope he’s successful. I loved that he was able to get Parliament to take steps toward  improving the food served to children in public schools in England as well – just because we adults have bad eating habits doesn’t mean we have to pass them on to our children, not mention that it’s never too late to change one’s eating habits. So a big tip-of-the-hat to Jamie, and continued success in all his endeavors!


Love With Food Box #12

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So it’s the first LWF box of the new year, and they sent a few new interesting things this time. I’ve enjoyed every box I’ve received so far, and plan on continuing my subscription. It’s nice to know that there are so many companies (large and small) out there that are focused on quality, health(ier) ingredients, and a commitment to bettering life for their consumers and their community.

Corn and Sea Salt Chips by The Better Chip – this is one of several flavors of chip by The Better Chip company. I received the Spinach and Kale flavor in another box, which I talked about here. Their products have all the usual good stuff that I enjoy; non-GMO, vegan, gluten-free and dairy-free. on Twitter @TheBetterChip or IG #thebetterchip


Table for Two – Healthy, Convenient Cooking

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I have enormous respect for people with large families. It takes a lot of work and planning to get meals on the table for multiple people in a household, and food and beverage manufacturers have their marketing strategy for that idea down pat. So it can sometimes be a challenge for folks who live in a two (or even one) person household to create meals that are portioned sensibly. Whether you are looking to reduce waste in your life, or if you just aren’t into leftovers, Healthy Cooking For Two (Or Just You) by Francis Price could be the cookbook for you.


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