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April 2016

What’s On My Plate – April

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We’re knee-deep in beautiful weather, flowers, and just a general feeling of wanting to get outside more often. This month I have been a little busy with an overall “spring cleaning” of my home, both inside and out. But there are plenty of food-related goings on (both before this post and after) that have my attention. So let’s get right to it…


Rhubarb – Beyond the Pie

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Springtime is in full swing around my little corner of the world, and while I’m suspecting that we’ll be having summer-like temperatures long before we’re due, I’m still in the spirit of all the spring-themed foods: ramps, meyer lemons, strawberries, and for the first time in my life, rhubarb. That may seem a little strange to some of you, especially in the south, but I had never had a lot of contact with the stuff until recently. I personally think it’s great, when handled correctly, and wanted to talk a little about its history, its general care and feeding, and its uses outside of the ubiquitous strawberry rhubarb pie with which we’re all familiar.Stalks1


Food For Thought…

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Think Tank – n.: a research institute or organization employed to solve complex problems or predict or plan future developments, as in military, political or social areas.


With the internet being a constant of daily life, we now have access to nearly limitless amounts of information these days. This has made educating ourselves about the food we consume easier than ever before, not only from the perspective of what we are eating, but how it is grown, handled and distributed to us as well. There are many organizations that have been established to help the general public know a little more about the food industry, and recently I came across one that seemed particularly interesting, and I wanted to share a bit about it with all of you who may not be aware of the great work they are doing to make this big blue planet a little bit better to live on.


The Herb Series Pt. 8 – A Chat About Chervil

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Although you can’t really go by the weather here in the mid-South, it is in fact spring, and that reminded me that I had not done an installment of the Herb Series in quite awhile. I decided to explore an herb that maybe a lot of you haven’t heard of, and if you have perhaps you aren’t certain what its primary uses are. So sit back, relax and let’s have a little chat about chervil.Tablech1


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