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July 2016

What’s On My Plate – July

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I am back again this month with a few of  the food-centric topics that have caught my eye recently. This post also happens to mark the two-year anniversary of this blog, and while I don’t normally “roll out the red carpet” for things like that, I do want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has been with me from the beginning (a very exclusive club indeed, ha!) and even those of you who have been readers for the past few months or year. I appreciate all of you very much, and hopefully I will continue to produce content that you are interested in reading! On that note, let the July gabfest begin…theknot1


Refreshment on the “Cide-Road”

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It goes without saying that the non-carbonated beverage market is pretty saturated with new and upcoming juices of various ilk. And after awhile they can sort of start to run together. In one of my recent trips to the market, I discovered a beverage that not only caught my attention with its packaging – at the risk of overusing the colloquialism, its “cute” – but with its origins as well. So I decided  to grab a few, do a little research and report back to you all what I found out/thought about these fruit-based drinks.Grp1


What A Melon!!

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For some of us, there are foods and beverages that are simply synonymous with summertime. And one that certainly ranks high with me is watermelon. I have cracked into more than my fair share, and a fresh, cold, delicious watermelon on a scorching day can make you feel like a million bucks. Ok, that may be a bit of a stretch, but it’s definitely refreshing! And when I took a closer look I discovered some pretty interesting facts about this humble cousin of the cucumber. Wtrclse


Better Know A Food Term

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Thanks to the internet and other media outlets, the public is becoming more and more sophisticated in their knowledge of food and cooking. However there are still those occasions when, whether in conversation or experience, we may hear a particular culinary term and think, “What the heck is ______?” I decided for this week’s post to list and discuss a few terms with which many of us may or may not be familiar, not only because knowledge is power (and it is), but also because knowing what a food item or cooking term actually is may make you more comfortable with trying something you may not have previously considered. So if your interested in expanding your food horizons – and your vocabulary – read on…

Freekeh (free-kuh) – this cereal grain of Middle Eastern origin has come more to the forefront as what I call the “Grain Craze” has expanded. Everybody’s all about the grains these days; whole grain, multi-grain, singing in the grain – oh wait, no, wrong topic. What’s slightly different about freekeh is that it is harvested while still in its green stage and fire-roasted before it ever gets threshed. This process gives it a nutty flavor and helps the grain to retain important vitamins and other nutrients. In Middle Eastern countries like Libya and Jordan it is often served as one would serve rice. Usually presented as an accompaniment to lamb or poultry, it is also very good as a pilaf-style dish with vegetables, nuts or spices. While I’ve not seen it on the shelves of any big-name supermarkets as yet, it can be found in specialty markets and I suspect it won’t be long until it reaches the commonplace status that quinoa now holds.


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