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September 2016

What’s On My Plate – September

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Well it’s the end of another month, and the beginning of a new season. September didn’t seem to be quite as filled with foodie tidbits as usual, probably due to the general public fall-induced frenzy not only in public, but on the internet also (PSL anyone? Thanks, I’ll pass.) But I did notice a few goings on, some serious, some just plain absurd. So grab a snack, because here we go…crgibson1


Cookbooks Worth Coveting

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Well we made it guys…fall is here. Get out your scarves, your “I ♥ Fall” coffee mugs and start working on those Christmas lists – I’m not kidding, it will be here before you know it. As I was wondering through a local bookstore recently picking up gift ideas, I began thinking about how my tastes in cookbooks have changed. Ten years ago I was a major cooking snob. You couldn’t get me within ten feet of a cookbook; I thought they were for people who lacked creativity in the kitchen, and I pretty much felt that they were all the same, except for the few classics penned by the culinary greats like Julia Child or Jacque Pepin. But as I have matured – and especially in recent months – I have developed a huge appreciation for the variety of tomes on the market. I have done a couple of reviews on cookbooks, one of which you can read here, and I have been adding more to my wish list. Below are just a few of them!soco1

The Edible South by Marcie Cohen Ferris – released in 2014, this one isn’t really a traditional “cookbook” so much as a cultural and historical read about the food ways of the American south. Food in the south is far more that fried chicken, barbecue and collard greens. It has been an integral part of life  – as more than just nourishment – throughout our history, and Ferris brings all of the elements to the metaphorical table in this book. Being southern, naturally I have an attachment to such a subject, and I’m looking very forward to reading about the far-reaching influence of  the food culture in which I grew up. Despite a lack of recipes, this book will definitely inspire me in the kitchen. ($27.11 on


The Spices of Life – Fall’s Big Four

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Fall is legitimately around the corner – as in, next week – and it seems like the human race in this part of the world is ready and waiting. In fact, a lot of us have already jumped in with both feet. I know for my part that I’ve already got fall baking plans in the works. And in the spirit of that, I figured a little discussion about some of the traditional spices associated with the season wasn’t out of order. So put on your “Kiss the Cook” apron and let’s chat about spices!grp1


Nabisco Good Thins – Living Up to Its Name

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I noticed recently that it had been a while since I reviewed a product, and because there are continuous introductions to the market, it seemed a little remiss  of me. If you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time, you know that I’m a tremendous snack cracker fan. And I’m always interested in trying products that could be somewhat better for me. I’d had my eye on a line of snacks for a week or so, and decided to give Good Thins crackers by Nabisco a test run. bask2


What’s On My Plate – August

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It has been one long hot summer around here, which makes me thankful that blogging allows me to remain in an air conditioned home for the most part! This month I’m chatting about some food extremes: healthy food making people sick, and food that is traditionally not that good for you trying to be a little healthier. And of course there will be a heaping helping of my personal opinion because, well, what else is this blog for? Just kidding (but not very much.) So read on about the recent food headlines that got my attention in August…rubylane1


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