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March 2017

What’s On My Plate ’17 – March

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Oh my goodness you guys, it’s the end of March. Pardon my cliche, but where does the time go? Surely I’m not alone in wondering what happened to the first three months of this year. But even with the drama and general craziness of everyday life, I still managed to have my curiosity piqued by a few things in the food world this month. Hang on tight gang, you never know what I’m going to say next…


From My Kitchen: Snickers Gem Cookies

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There is something about baking that just makes me happy. I’ve been doing it for a long time now; for my friends, my family, for strangers and myself as well. I enjoy the mixing, adding in the ingredients, shaping the cookies evenly on the pan and enjoying the delicious results. There are so many varieties and flavor possibilities that there are very few people who couldn’t find one to love.


Tips for Making Your Goals Happen

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We’ve all been there. Heck, some of us are probably there right now. We all have goals for ourselves, and at the beginning we set out with a fire in our hearts that we can achieve anything and nothing is going to stop us. But then time and trials step in and bring us around to reality, and even the most stalwart and resolute can start to feel a little discouraged and lose motivation. So here are a few tips that I’ve picked up along the way that have helped me to stay on track in the face of adversity. Remember, I am not trying to be Oprah here – I’m no advice guru. These are just a few ideas that have worked for me, and maybe they can help you out, too.


The Herb Series Pt. 10 – A Case for Bay

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It’s that time again gang. I noticed it had been awhile since I did an Herb Series installment, and this time around I’m going to talk about one that doesn’t get a whole lot of love. Having the appearance and texture of something you just raked up in your back yard, bay leaves sometimes get a bit of a bad rap. But I’m going to talk about some of the good reasons why you should add (and then remove) bay to your cooking. So let’s get to it…


Pixi by Petra Product Review

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On a recent outing I was in search of some new and exciting skincare options. After having heard plenty of hype, and being somewhat new to the brand, I decided to grab a few items from Pixi by Petra and give them a go. I had some fairly interesting results, so I thought I would let you all know my thoughts.


Chocolate Holler Comes to Lexington

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Lexington, Kentucky, for those of you who are unaware, is a food town. We love our basketball, our bourbon, our horses, don’t get me wrong. But one of the great pastimes of its residents is going out to eat. And we’ve pretty much got something to suit every taste; Thai? We got you. Sushi? Don’t get me started. Fancy schmancy steak dinner? Step right this way. But what about chocolate? Sure we’ve got our candy shoppes, and they make some amazing stuff. But in the past month a little joint opened up on Old Vine Street that is like an all inclusive resort for chocolate lovers. Chocolate Holler is unlike any other spot in Lexington, and the locals have already been singing its praises. So I decided to make a trip over and explore exactly what all the excitement was about.


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