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June 2017

What’s On My Plate ’17 – June

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Oh June, you definitely did a number on me. I pretty much missed most of the month, at least in a cultural sense, because I was heavily involved in doing my duty as a citizen of these United States. It was a pretty interesting process to witness; I had been assigned jury duty previously, but had never actually been selected to a jury. But I digress; this post isn’t about that, but it does explain why my food thoughts are a bit stunted and/or spotty this month. So this could be a little all-over-the-place, but I’m hoping you’ll bear with me on that.Β 


Belif Moisture Skincare Set

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Ever have one of those shopping trips where you go in looking for a particular item, and end up leaving with something entirely different? Well, it happened to me the other day. I had spotted a new skin care set from a favorite brand of mine on the Sephora website, and decided to skip the shipping and go over to my location and pick it up. I live very close to my Sephora, and of course I love hitting up what I call the “Goodie Aisle” as well, that little trail of mini and travel items they tempt you with on your way to the cashier. So I went in and lo and behold, they didn’t have what I was looking for. Rats. But bless them, those girls are so eager to please over there, they handed me off to one of their seasoned skin care experts (thanks Terry!) and she showed me a few different options that could also make me happy. She did a great job and in the end I couldn’t resist picking up the Aqua Favorites Fair Set from Belif, a Korean skin care brand that doesn’t get a ton of hype. Since I have sensitive combination skin, I felt like maybe a focus on hydration couldn’t hurt.Β 


Top 5 Foods for Stress Relief

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Stress. Who hasn’t felt it at one point or another? Who doesn’t feel it to some degree or another every single day? And while there are plenty of ways to relieve it, one way that is natural, tasty, and won’t get you in trouble with the law (I hope) is through food. I decided to do a little looking into some foods that can help take our stress levels down a bit, and nourish us at the same time.


Revlon Ultra HD Metallic Matte Lip Color

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My normal daily routine has been interrupted somewhat recently, which in turn has upped the stress level in my life, so I decided a bit of retail therapy was in order. As I wandered around Ulta – because why not – I noticed that Revlon had come out with a new line of lip colors. And more importantly they were on sale, so of course I had to grab a couple of them.Β 


Baqua Tisanes – A Drink of History

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I am getting really excited about the products coming out of Kentucky these days. The past few years have seen an outpouring of food and beverage creativity from the Bluegrass, and the movement continues. So keeping it local has become easier and easier, and with the heat of summer setting in, it’s really exciting to find a beverages that are new, interesting and delicious. Enter Baqua Tisanes, a small line of beverages started and sold in Kentucky that have been getting lots of love on the Lexington scene lately.


Maybelline The City Mini Palettes

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The release of new makeup this spring seems never-ending, both in the high end and drugstore arenas. Just as soon as I set my eye on something interesting, here comes five new items to catch my interest. It can be a little tough to keep up with, and I often end up having to pick and choose which brand is going to get my attention (i.e., money). This week I picked up two new palettes that are part of a collection from Maybelline after hearing loads of hype. Want to hear my thoughts about them? Of course you do, that’s why you’re reading this post, right? Silly me. Well, here it is…


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