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September 2017

What’s On My Plate for Fall – September

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Ok everyone, the monthly review is back on track. Now that I have a handle on this crazy cancer situation, I have been able to give a bit more attention to what’s going on around me this fall. This one may be a bit short, but I’ve got plenty to say, so we’ll make it work. So grab a drink – preferably not a PSL, but to each his own – get comfortable, and let’s talk…


Saying Goodbye to Summer with Trader Joe’s

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At the risk of this sounding like a first world problem, I am in the midst of a bit of a crisis; my oven is out of commission. Cuts me to the quick, I tell ya. So while I await my knight in shining armor, also known as the repair man, my weekly baking and roasting forays have to take a break.The other night I decided to squeeze out the last little bit of summer with a dinner salad, and I couldn’t resist hitting up one of my favorite sources for the ingredients, Trader Joe’s. They’ve always got a great variety of fresh ingredients for salads, both whole and pre-packaged. And as we all know, the price is right on pretty much all of their products. The salad was so easy to put together (and so tasty!) that I thought I’d share.The Trader Joe's Cruciferous Crunch Salad


Nails Inc. Holler-Graphic Duo

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One item of note (albeit a random one) that has come forward during my cancer treatment is nail care. It is an important part of treatment due to the role that nails and cuticles play in the prevention of infection, something that can be a pretty big deal if your immune system is already compromised. And I’m pleased that, because I haven’t been working my “day job” since my treatment started, I have been able to devote more time and attention to my nails, and in turn have been able to feed my formerly somewhat-closeted love for nail polish. One of my favorite brands that I feel doesn’t get much attention is Nails, Inc., a brand out of England that has been around for many years and has a pretty great reputation for quality.The Nails Inc. Holler-Graphic Duo


Five Go-To Recipe Websites

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I think everyone has figured out by now that I have a serious love affair with food. I love cooking it, eating it, talking about it, looking at it. And since I’m no recipe-developing whiz like so many of my fellow food bloggers, I will occasionally seek out help and/or inspo, especially on those days when I’m out of time, patience and ideas. And this week I thought I’d run down five of my favorite websites that have great selections of recipes that can help to fuel your kitchen adventures, too.


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