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January 2018

Revithokeftedes – Greek Chickpea Rissoles

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Hey everyone, hope you’re winter hasn’t been too challenging so far. I received an amazing cookbook as a Christmas gift this year, and have really been looking forward to trying out one or two recipes from it. I have a hardcore love for Greek food, and I am lucky enough to have a genuine Greek person as a very close friend (who also happens to be an incredible cook). As she is the one who gifted me the cookbook, I felt like I would be remiss not to make good use of it, and expand my Greek cooking repertoire beyond spanikopita!Β 


Drugstore Face Off – Olay vs. L’Oreal

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Being a makeup and skincare fan, I am aware of the importance of not only putting products onΒ  my face, but also how I take them off. And as I age, I’m noticing the ways that my skin is changing and reacting to the various cleansers I use for removing my makeup. I’m having to ease off of the harsher cleansers I used to rely on in my younger days, although I do still need a good exfoliant to help with the whole dead skin thing. In the past year or so I have been enjoying one particular cleanser from L’Oreal, but recently had come across a similar one from Olay, and decided to compare them to see if either had a particular advantage over the other.Olay and L'Oreal exfoliating cleansers.


True Nopal Cactus Water – A Succulent Way to Hydrate

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Well 2018 is in full effect, and here we all are again, trying to “clean house” – meaning, our bodies – after the holiday food free-for-all. And for a lot of us, the top of the priority list is to drink more water. I did do a recent post about someΒ botanically infused water, and it was tasty. But I have been seeing some hype about cactus water recently, and decided to do a little digging and give it a go. And since everyone is feeling the Be-Healthy vibes right now, I figured throwing out a possible hydration option couldn’t hurt, either. Enter True Nopal Cactus Water…


Finding My Way Through 2018

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In the days leading up to the new year (and since), I’ve seen everyone relating their summarized experience of 2017 and how they were going to tackle this new year that is now well and truly upon us. And each plan was as varied as the individual. In that time I’ve been able to mull over my own thoughts and feelings, and since everyone else is sharing, I thought I would, too. So here are some thoughts – and a few goals I’ve set – for finding my way through another crazy year.


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