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February 2018

Cancer Update – the Post-Mastectomy Experience

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It started last summer. My sharp-eyed doctor discovered that I actually had more than one mass in my breast, and a subsequent biopsy revealed that it was also positive. I then became a candidate for a modified radical mastectomy, as opposed to just a lumpectomy. So I had a decent amount of time to research and think about my procedure. I have mentioned in previous posts that I don’t have any tremendous emotional attachment to my body parts, so I probably wouldn’t be feeling any enormous sense of loss after my surgery. You’ll pardon me while I ramble a bit on what I’m thinking and feeling now that it is a reality.


Spring 2018 Cookbook Wishlist

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Ok guys, I’m back again, after a considerable break – which will all be explained in an upcoming post – to talk about some imminent book releases that have my attention and will be on my “To Buy” list. Admittedly, they aren’t all necessarily cookbooks; there are some that are simply food-related with a nice historical twist. But a food book is a food book, and if you’re into food like I am, it still counts. So sit back and relax, because this week we’re taking it easy and having a book chat. Cookbook stack


Yes To Coconuts Makeup Removing Wipes

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So here’s the thing; I normally wouldn’t do a review on something as trivial as a makeup wipe – I mean, they’re quite literally everywhere – but something happened when I recently purchased and tried these Yes to Coconuts wipes. I used them, and then as the evening wore on, I kept thinking about them. And formed an opinion. And then realized that I legitimately had something to say about them. And isn’t that (at least partially) what my blog is for? So this will be a short one, but bear with me, I have to get this off my chest.Yes to Coconuts Facial Wipes


The Herb Series Pt. 11 – Flavor That’s Worth a “Mint”

The Herb Series By February 2, 2018 Tags: , , , , No Comments

How long has it been since I did an installment of The Herb Series? Yeah, I can’t remember either. A bit strange, especially as it’s one of my favorites pieces to do; I love learning interesting tidbits about everyday things in our lives. So this time around I decided to look at an herb that’s everywhere, from toothpaste to cocktails. Mint has been used by folks for what seems like forever, so get comfortable and let’s chat about this common herb with the uncommon flavor.


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