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May 2018

The “Other” Other White Meat

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A couple of years ago I did aΒ post about the term “foodie.” What it meant to me, how other people see it, etc. I almost feel like it’s a bit archaic these days, as more and more people are becoming more and more exposed to different foods. I don’t really consider myself a foodie, just a food lover. And I believe that part of that relationship that I have with food centers on me being open to trying new things. So recently I decided it was time for me to delve into the wild world of jackfruit. I have heard so much about it, in particular that it is a common meat substitute for many vegans. So I wanted to share my experience this week for those of you who have never had it (or possibly even heard of it), and maybe hear from those of you who do eat it and your thoughts on it.Trader Joe's Jackfruit.


Revlon Kiss Plumping Lip Creme

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With the warm weather finally hanging around, I’m steering away from heavier products like liquid lipsticks and those with matte finishes, and more toward glosses. They are a great way to get the color you want and still maintain a light texture that is comfortable enough to wear all day. Revlon recently released a ten-shade collection of lip cremes that claim to also be able to plump your pout. I recently put a couple of them to the test, and decided to share my thoughts.Β Revlon Kiss Plumping Lip Cremes


On A Roll with Rice

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Sometimes, in my ongoing quest to seek out and sample new snacks and whatever else they’re throwing out these days, I will see some form of advertising for said products. Whether on social platforms, TV or old school store signage, I usually see it coming. And then, sometimes, I get completely blind-sided; I’ll just be walking down an aisle at my local supermarket, and there it will be, an item I haveΒ neverΒ even heard of, let alone seen. And then I’m like a hunting dog on the scent – good luck trying to tear me away from this undiscovered edible artifact. That’s what happened with the Crunchy Rollers rolled rice snacks. So here’s what I uncovered about them…Crunchy Rollers Rice Snacks.


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