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October 2018

Exuviance At-Home Chemical Peel

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I love skincare. I don’t think that’s a secret to anyone who  has read this blog for a decent amount of time. As I get older, I am far more concerned with spending my time – and money – on taking care of my skin first, and then putting something pretty and fun on it later. And for some time now, I have tossed around the idea of doing a chemical peel.


The Taste of Nostalgia – Sunbelt Granola Bars

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This is a story of the emotion of nostalgia, and how we “remember” things in our own minds, even if sometimes it’s not completely accurate. Oh, and it’s also about granola bars. I won’t say I’m a huge fan of them, but they can be pretty handy if you’re needing a quick snack on the go. My point about the nostalgia is that when I saw that Sunbelt had come out with a few limited edition flavors, I was immediately transported back to junior high (yes, that’s how old I am) and high school, as Sunbelt was the brand of granola bars you could purchase in our school’s cafeteria. Back then the only flavor that would do was original chocolate chip, and was it ever tasty.  So for the sake of childhood memories, I grabbed a couple of boxes to see if they were everything I remembered.Sunbelt Chewy granola bars


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