Warmer temperatures, school graduation ceremonies and blooming flowers and trees can only mean one thing; it’s spring again, and with that comes a craving for lighter, fresher flavors on our plates. This week I decided to do a little roundup of some popular springtime foods that you can incorporate in your dishes to give you that taste of the season.

Strawberries – it’s a little difficult to think of spring without including strawberries, and because their fresh growing season lasts well into the summer, there’s no reason to limit this little gem to just one time of year. We all know about the hundreds of uses for them, so I’ve found some links below with great info (and a recipe) that can remind us all what a superstar strawberries really are, including a post that I did on them last year:

The 5th Food Group

From Taste of Home

Medical News Today

Ramps – I’ve briefly mentioned these before, and they are one of my favorites for spring, especially being a lover of all things onion and garlic-related. They’re appearing on more and more menus, and I feel that in the future they’ll becomeΒ  more readily available to the average consumer as well – which hopefully will not lead to over-producing or shortages of any kind:

The Huffington Post

From Saveur

From Organic Authority

Peas – while there are more varieties of peas than I have time to mention here, the one I’m referring to in this instance is the green English pea, the one most people think of when they hear the word. I personally am not overly fond of them, although I do appreciate what they bring to soups, casseroles or a good pasta salad. There’s something about their flavor, texture (when cooked properly) and color that lends itself to the whole feeling of springtime, and I have always associated them with this season:

Food Network


From Nutrition and You

Asparagus – another great green veg, my recent post on this rekindled my excitement to incorporate asparagus into my diet as much as possible this spring and summer. I would put these tasty stalk in just about anything, but I am perfectly content to just roast them up and eat them all on their own:

The 5th Food Group

From The Kitchn

Well Being Secrets

And these are just a few of my favorites. I’m sure you have several foods that make you think of spring as well; let me know in the comments below what you think I should be trying right now. Have a great season and happy eating!