At the risk of repeating myself, things certainly have changed for me since I found out I had cancer, and in more ways than one. One of those changes was to my diet; not only in the things that I could handle eating, but the fact that I am starting to be more and more particular about what I eat. Not only is this due to a general desire for better health, but also because of restrictions brought on by various medications I am now taking. I already talked about my diet last summer not long after my diagnosis. So when I came upon the Hail Merry snacks at the supermarket recently, I was ready to give them a try. Sweet treats? Made from better-for-you ingredients? Cute packaging? Sign me up.The Hail Merry dessert cups.

Hail Merry was begun in 2008 by a very nice lady who began her own journey of healthier eating after a trip to Hawaii. She started experimenting with raw and vegan items, and eventually found the perfect way to enjoy a delectable treat without feeling like you overdid it. And her products – three different kinds of treats in multiple flavors – are loaded with all the good things. They are gluten-free, dairy-free and are certified non-GMO, kosher and vegan. So have at ’em, gang, these sweets are about as good for you as sweets can get. 

But let’s talk about what I got. Like I said, there are three kinds of products from Hail Merry; Cups (which I picked up), Bites and Tarts. In the Cups line there are currently three flavors: Chocolate Almond Butter, Meyer Lemon and Dark Chocolate Espresso, which sadly, I couldn’t locate this time around. But I will be seeking it out in the future – I’m coming for ya, Espresso! But I digress. There are two of the cups in each package, which is considered the products “serving size”, a huge win over other products that give you a tiny amount and tell you there are three servings in the package. These are sold in the refrigerated section of the store, so I kept mine refrigerated once I got home, despite my personal preference for room-temperature chocolate. And did I mention that they’re only a couple of bucks a piece? For me, considering how pricey it can be to eat healthier these days, that’s pretty darn reasonable. 

And here’s another thing I like about these treats – the ingredients list? Short. And what’s more…pronounceable. Love it. Love it! Have you ever wondered what polyethylsorbahydrosulfate is? Yeah me too. Scary stuff. Not here guys. The Chocolate Almond Butter Cups? Maple syrup, almond butter, almond flour, dark cocoa, organic virgin coconut oil and sea salt. Uh huh, that’s it. And the rest of the Hail Merry family is basically the same. Although I do my best to eat well, I only periodically venture into vegan territory. Partially because of unpleasant past experiences with vegan products, and also because I sometimes have unpleasant digestive reactions to certain vegan products. I do also have a very sensitive palate, and am able to taste the difference between certain ingredients that are substitutes for the regular ones in food. Thankfully I can say that these truly do not taste any different than you would expect the same product to taste that contained ingredients that were animal-based. The chocolate is rich and fudgy, and the crust has just enough crunch to complement it perfectly. The Meyer Lemon treat has all the tartness you would expect, and while I’m not into lemon desserts, if you are a fan of traditional lemon bars, you will love these. 

I would highly recommend these to anyone who wants a bit of something sweet without feeling guilty. I would especially recommend them to anyone who is not vegan and is skeptical about trying vegan products; these will definitely change your mind about what’s available out there. If you have tried these, let me know what you thought about them, and if there are any other vegan desserts that I should try. Have a great week!