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Summertime Sweets – Peaches & Cream Streusel Cake

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This summer has been a big fruit and vegetable season for me. Not only do I just genuinely love everything we experience in my area during the summer, but it has also been something I’ve been very mindful of in the maintenance of my health during my cancer treatments. I was recently gifted with a sizeable batch of fresh peaches (full transparency; I have no idea what kind of peaches they are. Just go get you some, preferably from a farmer’s market if you can.) and was rolling around in my head what to do with them exactly. Yes, there’s always the time-honored tradition of cobblers, but you know…it’s been done. And I could grill some up and maybe throw them on top a salad, but darn it, I just wanted to make some dessert. So I fell back on my favorite stand by, cake. I love making them and I definitely love eating them. And as I have been on a bit of a “Treat Yo’ Self” tear lately, I started with my basic go-to cake recipe and did some tweaking.


Spring 2018 Cookbook Wishlist

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Ok guys, I’m back again, after a considerable break – which will all be explained in an upcoming post – to talk about some imminent book releases that have my attention and will be on my “To Buy” list. Admittedly, they aren’t all necessarily cookbooks; there are some that are simply food-related with a nice historical twist. But a food book is a food book, and if you’re into food like I am, it still counts. So sit back and relax, because this week we’re taking it easy and having a book chat.Β Cookbook stack


Looking Back, Going Forward

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Hello again everyone! I hope everyone had a great holiday season; not too hectic, plenty of time with family, and way too much food. I had a pretty solid one myself, even with the usual frantic pace that makes up every December. And like so many other folks, the imminent arrival of a new year makes me look both back at the closing year and ahead to the new one. So I thought I’d talk about a few of the foodie-related topics from the blog this year, whether they held major significance or if my feelings have changed about them.


What’s on My Plate ’17 – Pumpkin Month

Favorites By October 26, 2017 Tags: , , , , , , , , , No Comments

Hello again! Time keeps marching on, and the weather in my neck of the woods is finally catching up to the calendar, so it’s not quite so hard to convince myself that it is in fact fall. Thank goodness I can finally pull out all those sweaters and boots I’ve been dying to wear for weeks now. So it’s monthly review time again, and here are a few bits and bobs that have not escaped my attention…


Favorite Lip Colors for Fall

Favorites, lifestyle & beauty By October 16, 2017 Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , No Comments

I did a recent clear out of my makeup stash and confirmed a pattern in my lip collection that I had already suspected; I have a thing for a good dark, vampy lip. And though dark lips are most associated with autumn and winter months, I will do my best to try to sneak one into my look any time of year. Although nude shades do run a close second, at heart I have always gravitated toward plummy, wine and berry shades, and I don’t think that will ever go away. So I thought I’d share some drugstore favorites from my collection, and a new shade I recently picked up. Because yes, I have a problem. I admit it.Favorite dark lip colors for fall


What’s On My Plate for Fall – September

Favorites, Kentucky By September 28, 2017 Tags: , , , , , , , No Comments

Ok everyone, the monthly review is back on track. Now that I have a handle on this crazy cancer situation, I have been able to give a bit more attention to what’s going on around me this fall. This one may be a bit short, but I’ve got plenty to say, so we’ll make it work. So grab a drink – preferably not a PSL, but to each his own – get comfortable, and let’s talk…


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