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Cancer Update – Expect the Unexpected

Lifestyle By July 20, 2018 Tags: , , , , , No Comments

For about the last year or so, I have periodically shared my personal experience with breast cancer here on the blog, both from a dietary perspective and through other facets that were involved, such as my appearance. And I am currently still recovering and receiving follow-up chemotherapy as part of my treatment. I responded very well to all the treatments and surgery I had, and was on the path to returning to a semi-normal life.Fresh pomegranate.


Lump in the Throat

Lifestyle By June 13, 2018 Tags: , , , , , , No Comments

I have a few things I want to say. Everyone else has been saying what was on their minds, so I’m going to take my turn, too. It’s been a hard couple of days. I consider myself pretty emotionally tough; I have the ability to compartmentalize difficult, even traumatic situations. I have the ability to move on from a lot of things without looking back. Some would probably consider me aloof or even cold, but I feel comfortable being able to go through life without getting mired down in too many emotions. But this one was bad. I did a good job of hiding it, but it really is bothering me, and I’ve been thinking about it almost constantly.


Cancer Update – the Post-Mastectomy Experience

Lifestyle By February 26, 2018 Tags: , , , , , No Comments

It started last summer. My sharp-eyed doctor discovered that I actually had more than one mass in my breast, and a subsequent biopsy revealed that it was also positive. I then became a candidate for a modified radical mastectomy, as opposed to just a lumpectomy. So I had a decent amount of time to research and think about my procedure. I have mentioned in previousΒ postsΒ that I don’t have any tremendous emotional attachment to my body parts, so I probably wouldn’t be feeling any enormous sense of loss after my surgery. You’ll pardon me while I ramble a bit on what I’m thinking and feeling now that it is a reality.


Finding My Way Through 2018

Lifestyle By January 8, 2018 Tags: , , , , , , , , , , No Comments

In the days leading up to the new year (and since), I’ve seen everyone relating their summarized experience of 2017 and how they were going to tackle this new year that is now well and truly upon us. And each plan was as varied as the individual. In that time I’ve been able to mull over my own thoughts and feelings, and since everyone else is sharing, I thought I would, too. So here are some thoughts – and a few goals I’ve set – for finding my way through another crazy year.


Five Last-Minute Gift Ideas for Her

Holidays, Lifestyle By December 19, 2017 Tags: , , , , , , , , No Comments

And just like that, Christmas is here. Well, very close anyway. And many of us may still be looking for a few last-minute gift ideas. So I thought I would throw a few easy options down for you if you’ve got any female friends or family that you need to check off your list. Some of these may seem like no-brainers, but in the stressful rush that is the holiday season, even the simplest ideas can fly right out of your head. Whether it’s a stocking stuffer, a hostess gift for a holiday party or just a little extra something, these five gift ideas are sure to bring a smile to the faces of the ladies in your life.


Holiday Gifting, Vintage Style

Kentucky, Lifestyle By November 27, 2017 Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , No Comments

Hi guys! I’m continuing my holiday hop this week with another stop at an awesome Lexington shop that you should keep in mind for Christmas gifting ideas this year. I’ve been going to Street Scene on Regency Rd. for several years, mostly because I love and appreciate vintage things (not just clothing), and also because I love and appreciate shopping, ha! So if you’ve never been to this super nifty little shop, or you’ve driven by and wondered about it, stick around to hear all about it.A selection of dresses from Street Scene.


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