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Hot Off the Press – Making Pies Convenient(?)

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Convenience is such a subjective term. Particularly in cooking; some folks are very persnickety about how they prepare dishes, from mise en place all the way through cleanup, attention to detail is key. That can also have a lot to do with the recipe itself, or if the cooking process holds some sentimental value with the individual. Then there are those times when you just want to slap something frozen in the microwave and call it a meal. But by and large, we all learn through experience that you get out what you put into cooking.


Pop Goes the Cake

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In recent years, home bakers have been given the opportunity to create professional-style desserts and confections in their own kitchen. I know the idea of being able to stay home (and potentially save a little money) and still make something delicious holds a lot of appeal for me.

One of the many options available on the market is the cake pop maker. Cake pops began to really take hold three or four years ago as the smaller-portion option to standard cake or cupcakes. Depending on the flavor, decoration, and skill of the baker, either of the aforementioned can be problematic to eat, sometimes even downright messy. Cake pops were the answered prayer to moms everywhere who wanted to control the amount of dessert their kids ate (and maybe themselves as well), and to anyone who had their hands full or was a little too well-dressed to be dealing with gooey icing. They’re little, delicious and on a stick. Not only are they handy, but the decorating options are as limitless as their larger cousins. And the ease of transporting them only added to the mania.


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