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Za’atar – A Blend of Good Taste

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For a long time on the blog a did a series of posts about some of the more popular herbs used in cuisine. But there is a whole other side to cooking and enhancing the flavor of our foods. After all, the old adage doesn’t say, “Variety is the herb of life.” So I wanted to check out a few spices that you maybe weren’t as familiar with, and check out a few ways to use them. I decided first to look at za’atar, a spice blend originating in the Middle East and becoming more widely known in popular Western cooking.Za'atar Seasoning Blend.


The Melon You Never Knew You Liked

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Something about this weather we’re into in my neck of the woods has me wanting to cross items off my “Never Tried” list. This time around I wanted to check out kiwano, aka Horned Melon,  as I knew very little – if anything – about it, and I felt like most people probably share my ignorance. So on a recent supermarket trip I picked one up, did a little research, and decided to share what I discovered.


Butternut Squash Bisque – Fun Fall Flavor

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We are now officially into fall people, and in my opinion, it can stick around as long as it wants. It is most definitely my favorite season, and although I don’t subscribe to the Pumpkin-Spice-Everything mania, I do like to celebrate the season as much as possible. Hey, I love pumpkin as much as the next person, but let’s pump the brakes a little bit, Starbucks! One of the foods that says fall to me is butternut squash, the not-nearly-as-hyped cousin of the pumpkin, that is still bringing plenty of flavor to the table (no pun intended.) And what’s easier than throwing a bunch of ingredients in a pot and calling it dinner? Enter Butternut Squash Bisque…


Five Tips for Handling Chemo-Induced Illness

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Probably the first question I get from people when they find out that I’m in treatment for cancer is, “Oh wow, have you been sick yet?” And I am thankful to be able to answer that no, the nausea hasn’t been a huge issue for me – yet. As this post goes up, I’m undergoing my second chemo treatment, and I would imagine that as the drugs begin to build up and concentrate in my body that nausea will become more prominent. And I’m sure that there are lots of others out there going through the same thing, so this week I wanted to talk about a few tips that may help to handle any nausea that may come your way, both sourced from what I have read and been told, as well as what I know from personal experience. As per the usual, please remember that I’m not a medical professional or a dietitian, and if you do have any questions concerning your diet during chemotherapy, please consult one of those lovely people.Herbal teas can help to soothe an upset stomach


Top 5 Foods for Stress Relief

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Stress. Who hasn’t felt it at one point or another? Who doesn’t feel it to some degree or another every single day? And while there are plenty of ways to relieve it, one way that is natural, tasty, and won’t get you in trouble with the law (I hope) is through food. I decided to do a little looking into some foods that can help take our stress levels down a bit, and nourish us at the same time.


From My Kitchen: Double Mocha Cupcakes

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I was feeling bake-y this week gang, so I decided to get back in the kitchen and throw together a favorite of Mr. 5th Food Group, my double mocha cupcakes. I found this recipe (like so many that I have) a long time ago, and have over the years tweaked it slightly to suit my own taste and/or the occasion for which I was making them. I don’t count myself as a chocoholic, but anytime I can get anything coffee-related in my life, I’m on board. You are welcome to top these however you choose; I like ganache, buttercream – or both! – ,finish it off with chocolate sprinkles or crushed chocolate covered espresso beans if you’re a real coffee fiend like me. You can seriously make these your own, and they will be guaranteed crowd pleasers.


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