I don’t need to tell any of you what a classic brand Covergirl is – it was around before I was born, and was very consistent about producing new and innovative products. But most recently they took a step that (imho) is the smartest move they’ve ever made: they went cruelty-free. Although I’m not perfect, as no one is, knowing that a makeup brand is cruelty-free is pretty much an instant sell. And knowing that CG has been coming out with some great products lately – at least according to all my favorite beauty gurus – I was even more eager to go forth and explore what I will be able to enjoy from now on with a clear conscience.

As it happened, my timing was pretty good; I was in need of a few new items in my collection, so I purchased those pieces first. I picked up the Tru Blend Foundation in the shade L4, the Cheekers Powder Blush in True Plum, the Super Sizer Mascara in Black, and the Clean Invisible Concealer in Light Pale. Because I am both light and pale.

I think 2018 was the year I launched my campaign to find The Perfect Foundation. If that’s even an attainable goal; I mean, nobody’s perfect, right? Not even cosmetics companies. But I have tried a lot of foundation in the past year, and I would put this one in my top 3. The formula does a good job covering me up without looking muddy or caked on. It comes in a glass bottle with a pump, and the formula sinks to the bottom, so unlike other foundations, you can actually see how much you have left. I love that. And it also does not have a fragrance – not one that I could notice anyway – and did great on my sensitive skin. Definite recommend.

So let’s talk about concealer. I think, like foundation, we’re forever on the hunt for just the right one. I found a pretty solid contender with the Clean Invisible Concealer. The textures and consistency are just right for my under-eye area (not sure how it would be for spot concealing, I feel like you’d have to use a pretty light hand when blending it out.) Point 1: once you set this stuff with powder, it does not move. This makes me very happy. Point 2: it doesn’t crease on me. Like, ever. This makes me even happier. The only change I can really think of would be to maybe make the doe-foot applicator a little larger. But believe me, I can live with this one.

I wasn’t very sure about the Super Sizer mascara at first. The fist time I tried it, it didn’t really do very much. I immediately thought, “Uh oh. Is this going to work on my new, changed-by-chemo eyelashes?” But then I reminded myself to keep my expectations realistic and not judge by the first try. And sure enough, after about three days this stuff turned into the superstar of my makeup bag. The formula isn’t so dry that you can’t work with it, but not so wet that you get it all over your face. And the biggest surprise for me was the wand. I have never been a huge fan of plastic bristles, let alone the short ones on this wand. But it seems that my “new” lashes love this type of applicator, so I will be sticking with it.

Blush is an item that used to be very crucial to my makeup routine, but as I’ve aged, I haven’t always felt like it’s one of those must-have items for me, particularly in the summer, But right now while the weather s still gloom and doom, I do sometimes want a little something for color on my face besides bronzer. So the Cheekers blush is perfect for me; one great shade that goes with all my usual looks, something I can just slap it on – it blends out very well and has great pigmentation – and head out the door.

So I hope this was helpful for those of you who haven’t tried out the improved Covergirl range. I’m kind of Marie Kondo-ing my lip wardrobe this spring, so I’m going to be sure to try out some of their lip products. Drop me a comment below if you are using any of their items now that they are cruelty-free and still producing a quality product. Have a great week!