Being a makeup and skincare fan, I am aware of the importance of not only putting products on  my face, but also how I take them off. And as I age, I’m noticing the ways that my skin is changing and reacting to the various cleansers I use for removing my makeup. I’m having to ease off of the harsher cleansers I used to rely on in my younger days, although I do still need a good exfoliant to help with the whole dead skin thing. In the past year or so I have been enjoying one particular cleanser from L’Oreal, but recently had come across a similar one from Olay, and decided to compare them to see if either had a particular advantage over the other.Olay and L'Oreal exfoliating cleansers.

First, a little bit about my skin; I have combination skin that leans toward the dry side in winter, and a bit more oily in summer. Because I’m getting older, I’m a little more vigilant about taking care of it, particularly making sure that I take my makeup off every evening before bed.  It’s also in the middle of the sensitive range, so I do have to be a bit careful about how much I eaxfoliate and what I use. I’m sure it’s no secret at this point how I feel about L’Oreal skincare. I’ve been using various products from them for years, and I have yet to be disappointed by any of them. They’re affordable and have always performed well, so I have no problem repurchasing and recommending them to others. I like to use the Revitalift Radiant Smoothing Cream Cleanser (about $7) when my skin feels especially in need of a deep clean. It’s not something I use everyday, but when I need it it’s and great cleanser that doesn’t leave my skin feeling stripped or tight. It also doesn’t have a strong or unpleasant smell, which is perfect for my sensitive skin.

Olay is another drugstore beauty brand that has been in my life for a long time. I started using the original Beauty Fluid pretty regularly when I was in my mid-twenties, and since then have enjoyed using several of their other products, all with great results. So it was no struggle for me to want to try out their Regenerist Luminous Brightening Cream Cleanser (about $7.50) – what is it about skincare items having these mouthful names? These exfoliating cleansers are a good option if you’re wanting something gentler than an actual exfoliator, that you can potentially use everyday if you want or need to. Most major brands have a version of it these days, and I know from previous experience that both of these brands would not steer me wrong. The Olay cleanser has a pretty similar consistency to the L’Oreal one, and although it does have a different scent, it is still pleasant and not overwhelming. It did a terrific job of removing all my makeup, and I feel like it may have done a slightly better job of exfoliating than the L’Oreal cleanser did. My skin felt smoother and and more hydrated after rinsing off the Olay, and it seemed to absorb my moisturizer even better than usual.

So what’s the bottom line? Both of these cleansers are comparable. If you have a loyalty to either brand, you could stick with it and not really be missing out on anything huge, and the cost is so similar that it isn’t really an issue either. But, if you have especially dry or sensitive skin, I would probably suggest using the Olay cleanser over the L’Oreal. The exfoliating beads are slightly smaller, and I think the formula is a bit more moisturizing. I may continue to repurchase the Olay in the future, even being the huge L’Oreal skincare supporter that I am. I hope this was interesting and helpful for some of you out there, if you’ve maybe been thinking about trying a new cleanser and need something that can help brighten and smooth your complexion. Let me know in the comments if there are any other exfoliating cleansers you are fond of, or if there are any I should avoid as well. Have a great week!