In the days leading up to the new year (and since), I’ve seen everyone relating their summarized experience of 2017 and how they were going to tackle this new year that is now well and truly upon us. And each plan was as varied as the individual. In that time I’ve been able to mull over my own thoughts and feelings, and since everyone else is sharing, I thought I would, too. So here are some thoughts – and a few goals I’ve set – for finding my way through another crazy year.

First, the elephant in the room: I am still undergoing treatment for breast cancer, and as you might imagine, I do have some feelings about it. It hasn’t taken over my entire life, but it has certainly affected every part of it. It has taught me to not make too many concrete long-term plans for myself, as my treatment does take up quite a bit of my time – and energy – and does occasionally have to be altered according to how things are progressing. No matter how ambitious I get, my body will be there to remind me that I have to take a step back and remember what’s going on. For someone who has always been a planner by nature, having to make concessions – even for my own body – is a bit annoying. But in much the same way I handle everything else in life that’s unpleasant, I’ll put my head down and plow ahead until I’m past it.

But still, it is difficult to break those old habits, so I have been setting a few tentative goals anyway:

Continuing to connect with others through the blog. I want to start varying the kind of content I have on here, and improving what I’m already bringing to the table. For an OG introvert like myself, this is something of a major move for me, but I do understand and respect that I can learn a lot from networking with others, particularly other women who like me, have a brand that allows them to engage in things they’re passionate about. Many of the femme-centered issues that came to the forefront in the past year have reminded me that these days forming solid female relationships, be they professional or personal, is more important than ever. So the product reviews aren’t going anywhere, but there will definitely be some new additions every now and then.

Making some strides in planning for my financial future. When I was younger I was definitely all about that “treat yo’ self” life, and didn’t give much (if any) thought to my long-term situation. So it has put me a bit behind on planning, but establishing a foundation for securing my financial future will be one less worry and will give those warm fuzzy productive feelings to boot. 

Investing more time and effort in writing and improving myself as a writer. And not just for the blog; I have a few other squirrely side projects that I’m not showing to anyone just yet, and what with the extended free time my cancer treatment has so graciously provided me (silver linings, everyone), I can give them a bit more attention than before. When it all comes down to it, writing has always been my favorite activity. It’s always been something that I can do quietly, on my own, taking as much time as I need to rewrite and perfect – or even scrap and start over. It is the cheapest and least damaging therapy there is imho, and it certainly works well for us socially awkward anxiety sufferers. I’m the artistic sort, and this is definitely my medium of choice.Books I want to read in 2018.

Expanding my personal library with more women authors. Since I’m on the subject of writing and women, I thought I could do with some additions from the proverbial sisterhood. I’m particularly interested in Jenn Agg’s “I Hear She’s A Real B*tch”, a book about her experience as a woman in the restaurant industry. I’m always ready to hear another woman’s take on the rather specific situation that I myself have been…let’s say enduring for the last twenty years. And just for pure entertainment, I’d like to finally read “Johnathan Strange & Mr. Norrell” by Susanna Clarke. The TV adaptation on Netflix is delightful, if a bit, well…strange. And I can’t not mention the upcoming release of “The F Word”, the first work of one of my favorite blogger/YouTubers, Lily Pebbles. I have been following her for a few years now, and she is an extremely impressive young woman; I’m really interested to see what she has to say about the nature of female friendships.

So those are a few of my hopes for this year. I’ve always been pretty good at maintaining a positive outlook, and I feel confident that these are moderate, achievable goals for me and I should be able to knock them out before next New Year’s Eve. Let me know in the comments below if you set any goals for yourself this year and if so, what they are. Here’s to feeling accomplished in 2018; have a great week!