I think everyone has figured out by now that I have a serious love affair with food. I love cooking it, eating it, talking about it, looking at it. And since I’m no recipe-developing whiz like so many of my fellow food bloggers, I will occasionally seek out help and/or inspo, especially on those days when I’m out of time, patience and ideas. And this week I thought I’d run down five of my favorite websites that have great selections of recipes that can help to fuel your kitchen adventures, too.

Saveur.comΒ – I’ve been visiting this site for a few years now, and I feel like this one is best suited for those who may be looking to venture into “a little bit fancier” recipe territory. The selection is basically limitless, and covers pretty much every heading in the metaphorical cookbook: entrees, desserts, salads, soups, even cocktails (yes, please!). And Saveur provides visitors with not only terrific recipes, but information on food travel, cooking tips, and even home styling inspiration. If you’re already way into cooking and want to add some fun – and maybe more challenging – dishes to your rep, give this site a visit.

Vegetariantimes.com – While I enjoy a good New York strip as much as the next guy, I also have a long-standing love affair with vegetables, and I eat meatless meals with some frequency. So stopping by a site like this can really be helpful when you want to keep your veggie intake from becoming boring. They have stacks of recipes to choose from, both vegetarian and vegan, and plenty of other useful info like health information and gardening tips. And for those of you who normally turn your nose up at greens, go check this site out – these guys make veggies look sexy!

Bestbaking.com – Now of course you can find baking and deseert recipes on any of the sites mentioned here, but I wanted to include this one for few reasons: first, it is pretty much exclusively baking, so it kind of narrows the field if that is the specific type of recipe you’re looking for; you don’t have to rifle through a million recipes youΒ don’tΒ need to find the one you do. Second, I love the cross-referencing options on this site, mainly because one of them is by skill level. I think that is so helpful for folks who may just be starting out baking and still want to make something that is not only tasty, but visually impressive as well. And third, nearly all the recipes on this site include average, everyday ingredients that you can run out and grab at the grocery store. Hurray for convenience!

Tasteofhome.com – I have been sourcing from this site for many years, and while it is extremely versatile and great for all cooking styles, I have always related TOH in my mind as the “Man-on-the-Street” or “Average-Joe” website. I feel like it is more populated with home-cooked-style recipes submitted by us (the average home cook) than by fancy professional recipe developers or chefs. The backlog of recipes on this site is just plain nuts, from set-it-and-forget-it crockpot favorites to holiday dessert recipes to wow any crowd, these guys have your back. And if you’re the competitive type, you can even submit your own recipes into one of the regular contests they feature and try your hand against your fellow home cooks!

Allrecipes.com – If you’ve been reading this blog for a long time, you shouldn’t be surprised by this pick at all. I’ve been enjoying this site for years, and have had many interesting – and successful – kitchen adventures with the recipes I have sourced from here. AR is dedicated to making the cooking experience as easy as possible for their users, including convenience item like shopping lists for ingredients (and they show if items are on sale near you!) and a feature where users can save favorite recipes to their own “Recipe Box.” They’ve been around for a long time and they n=know what home cooks need. Definitely check them out whenever you want to make something tasty and are fresh out of ideas.

Hopefully this was a helpful post for many of you out there. As someone who enjoys food as much as I do, I know the aggravation of wanting to make something a little different suffering from “cooker’s block.” Let me know in the comments if there are any other recipe websites that have served you well in the past, as well as any recipes of note from those sites. I’m always interested to learn and try out a new dish in my own kitchen. Happy eating!