Sometimes, when strolling by the yogurt case at the supermarket, I have to giggle. Traditionally  it’s supposed to be healthy, a great alternative snack in the afternoon or a good-for-you addition to breakfast. But some brands seem to have lost sight of that in favor of appealing to the masses (i.e. making money) with some less than healthy add-ins like Oreos or M&Ms. At that point I feel like you have exited the healthy arena and jumped straight into Dessert Land. So I don’t take things too seriously when  I grab for yogurt, but I do feel better about picking up Chobani. I’ve been enjoying their yogurt for a long time, and although I know what a great product they put out, I haven’t ventured very far into their Flips line, which offers a coordinating mix-in for their very tasty yogurt. So when I saw a few new ones – particularly a flavor I always go for – I had to give them a try.

Coffee Brownie Bliss – This one pretty much sold me on the name. Brownies? Okie doke. Coffee? Sign me up. The “Bliss” part is basically just a redundancy for me. One thing I will say for all the flavors I tried is that Chobani was very generous with the mix-ins. There is a lot of mini chocolate pieces, micro-mini “squares” of brownie, and chunky biscotti crumbles to put into the coffee yogurt. And while I’m usually a little hinky (technical term) about coffee mixing with yogurt – it tends to be a bit more sour than I like – this ensemble blends to create a delicious rich profile with a great texture. Yes, there are 19g of sugar in a 5oz. cup, but there are also 12g of protein, and only 4g of fat. So I’m willing to curb my consumption and call it even.

PB&J – This one caught my attention because I was curious what the presentation would be. Was it Peanut Butter flavored yogurt with some strawberry jam to swirl in? Because honestly, I would have been ok with that. I am a peanut butter fiend (among other things, but that’s another post), and on rare occasions I will have a good old fashioned peanut butter and jelly sandwich. But enough about me; this flavor isn’t new, but it is interesting; strawberry yogurt with clusters of peanut butter, honey granola and honey-roasted peanuts. Four tastes that taste great together in my humble opinion. It does have slightly less sugar than the Coffee flavor, but the same protein count and just a tiny bit more fat. Overall, delicious.

Peanut Butter Dream – Yep, that’s pretty much right. If you remember all the way back to about a minute ago, you’ll know my feelings on peanut butter. So this was a natural snag for me: more of those yummy mini chocolate chips, peanut butter clusters and honey roasted peanuts. There’s a delicious creamy texture that seems to speak to me. It says, “go back to the grocery store and buy more of me.” Who am I to argue? Except that I should probably make a stop at the gym while I’m out: this flavor has a hefty 23g of sugar and 7g of fat, which isn’t quite as balanced out by the 12g of protein as it is in the other flavors.

S’more S’mores – So duh, I had to save the best for last. At least I think so. I have no idea why I’ve never done a post about s’mores, but you can bet there will be one some time in the future. All my consumer bells went off when I saw this new flavor. Vanilla yogurt with graham cracker crumbles, toasted sugar bits (which I’m guessing represents the marshmallows) and more of the now-famous mini chocolate chips. And although I feel this flavor would have been better served if the yogurt was marshmallow flavored, I am in no way complaining. It was extra tasty, and is already on the re-purchase list. I was happy to see that the S’mores flavor had considerably less sugar than the Peanut Butter one (at 19g) and only 4.5g of fat. I’m afraid in this case, my love of the flavor just outweighs any desire for being healthy.

Chobani added eight new flavors to their Flips line in total, bringing the flavor count up to twenty-three. If the rest of them are as good as these, I urge you to walk (don’t run – safety first) to your local supermarket and check them out. And if you want to know more, you can always swing by their website that has plenty of info not only about the Flips line, but all of their products (which are many) as well. If you’ve tried any of these new flavors, or have another brand of yogurt that you’re partial to, leave a comment below and let me know.