Although it has been on the market for quite some time, I hadn’t yet tried Found, a beauty and skincare line that has grown a large fan base and introduces new products on a fairly continual basis. So I was pretty eager to check them out and see what they had to offer.

Found Beauty Hibiscus Cream Cleanser.

The primary focus of Found is bringing natural ingredients to skincare, hair care and cosmetics. Not all that different from several other lines on the market, but unlike others, they want accessibility and affordability for their customers. Found is sold on its own eponymous website, but are also commercially available at select WalMart stores. I picked mine up off the website and will continue re-visit and re-purchase other items in the future to test out, the results of which will be comin’ at ya!!

I’m always on the lookout for new eyebrow products, because my brows don’t need enough “assistance” to require threading or tatooing ( which I fully support!) Their Shape & Define Brow Pencil ($9.99) is great if you already have great brows that maybe just need a little boost or more of a polished look. The built-in brush on the other end of the pencil is very handy for helping to shape things up when you’re done putting everything together. Again, not my favorite eyebrow pencil, but for the price and the job it does, I would definitely recommend giving it a try.

I really enjoy trying out new facial cleansers. Oils, creams, balms, bring ’em to me. But since I’m trying to clean things up a bit, Found was a good place to turn. I went for the Hibiscus Cream Facial Cleanser ($11.99 for 5.7 oz.), which is focused on hydration. Lucky me, being both an older woman and ongoing cancer patient, hydrating my skin, especially my face, is right up my alley. I certainly don’t use it everyday, as I frequently switch up my cleansers, but I really enjoyed this one. You don’t need a major water source, like most cream cleansers, but I usually take it off with one of my Halos (but that is a whole other story!), laced only with water and apparently, magic. It never strips my skin, smells great and takes my makeup off with ease. Long story short, I give the Hibiscus Cleanser two clean thumbs up!

My last purchase from Found Beauty was the Moor Mud Face Mask ($12.99 for 6 oz.). For all my experienced maskers out there I’ll say this: it’s a great mask. And it is thick. Like, thicc. Like thicker than the world-famous Aztec Mud Powder. And you do have to be diligent about taking it off. And for everyone else: this is not a peel-off mask, it’s a slap-it-on, rinse-it-off-when-its-dry kind of deal. But here’s the happy news; your skin feels uh-mazing once you take it off, like its sole purpose is to set your skin up for the rest of your skin care routine. If you haven’t tried it already, don’t let it pass you by!

So needless to say, it’s a given that overall I’d rate these products an A- – or a B++ on my A to D scale. They’re affordable, effective, and the packaging is downright awesome without being, “too much.” I’ll be back pretty soon to let you know about any new Found Beauty products I use!