Hi guys! I’m continuing my holiday hop this week with another stop at an awesome Lexington shop that you should keep in mind for Christmas gifting ideas this year. I’ve been going to Street Scene on Regency Rd. for several years, mostly because I love and appreciate vintage things (not just clothing), and also because I love and appreciate shopping, ha! So if you’ve never been to this super nifty little shop, or you’ve driven by and wondered about it, stick around to hear all about it.A selection of dresses from Street Scene.

Street Scene has been in business for over ten years, and thankfully they don’t seem to be going anywhere. They are actually connected – by a doorway – to one of the better coffee shops in town, Coffee Times. And they don’t seem to mind if patrons grab a beverage and walk around the shop to browse all the incredible items they offer. We would be here all day if I tried to list everything they have, but trust me when I say there’s no shortage of variety; at any given time you can find clothing, shoes, accessories, men’s items, furniture and home wares (including vintage bar ware on occasion – so cool!), books and art. They also carry modern items that are vintage-inspired or have some kind of vintage twist to them, so there really is a little something for everyone. And it is a great place to pick up vintage designer pieces at very reasonable pricesSome of the men's items offered at Street Scene.

Ok, you say, terrific. But what’s so special about Street Scene? What’s different from other vintage stores? Well I’m glad you asked. I have been into many a vintage store, and the first thing that is noticeable is the appearance of the store itself. It’s very well lit, clean and well-organized. Many vintage stores can be crowded with product, making it difficult to see anything they’re selling, and some stores can be somewhat less-than-clean, which can make you feel like your digging around in someone’s seedy basement. Not a fun shopping experience. But Street Scene is curated. They take the time to make items not only attractive but to put them in context, which can add a lot to the shopping experience. The staff also happens to be among the most friendly and helpful in town, so don’t hesitate to ask questions while you’re taking a turn around the store. A collection of colorful retro ashtrays.

Street Scene is easy to get to, the parking is pretty decent, and they’re open seven days a week, so there’s plenty of opportunity to go check them out. And for all my out-of-townies, yes, they do have a website. But it’s really hard to beat the full on shopping experience; all of your senses are engaged, and seeing, touching, and trying things on is way more fun than clicking online. My favorite items in the store are the cool, quirky kitchen items (imagine that), and the great selection of women’s shoes that they have – and usually have displayed right up in front of the shop. But as I said before, it would be difficult to not be able to find something for everyone. 

Now that we’re well into the holiday season, it’s a great time to support the small businesses in your community. I have been making a conscious effort to do so, and I feel like Street Scene is an easy – and fun – way to boost your local economy and give a gift that is more personal and meaningful. If there are any local stores that you love and plan to shop from this Christmas, give them a shout in the comments below. Have a great week!