Summer has rolled around again everyone, and as we start incorporating more fruits and veggies into our daily routines, I wanted to talk about a fruit that is usually in the shadows on the big stage of fruits, kumquats.

These fresh little citrus are beginning to gain a little more traction as the general public discovers that they are more than just a funny name. Native to Southeast Asia, these mini oranges have been treating us for centuries, although they didn’t make it to America until around the 1800s. And although there are numerous types of the fruit, they all generally grow on shrubs or low trees, and are normally either oval or rounded. They also grow best from cuttings as opposed to direct seeding.

As mentioned above, kumquats are in fact small oranges, on average the size of olives. Aside from the delicious flavor, they are also portable, self-contained, and can be eaten whole with the skin on (it is extremely thin and has almost no pith.) They are great for extra hydration, and can also supply a significant amount of vitamins B3 and B6, vitamin E and potassium. So feel free to indulge; these little gems have all your healthy bases covered!

If you aren’t very familiar with kumquats, your next question is probably something like, “How in the world do I cook/eat them?” Well fear not, because there are almost as many ways to fix them as there are varieties. The most common is candied kumquats, which sees them reduced to well, closer to actual candy then fruit. In fact, you should feel confident doing anything with kumquats that you would normally do with other citrus, like oranges, limes or grapefruit. Cook them down for a chutney, pickle them and use as a garnish, throw fresh slices onto salads.

I’m pretty excited that I gave these little fruits a second chance; they definitely deserve a lot more popularity than they have. I plan on making them a regular part of my summer diet. I’m interested to hear about your experiences with them, if any. Do you like them? What is you favorite preparation/presentation of them? Leave a comment below and let’s chat. Have a great week!