It’s not all that often that I review beverages here, and that’s mostly because it takes a lot for a drink to get my attention. I feel like the major beverage companies are constantly cranking out new drinks (and variations on said drinks) at such a pace that it becomes a bit of a joke after a while. So what made me take a second look – and then purchase – Lemon Lemon, a new sparkling lemonade from Pepsi? I’m not 100% sure to be honest, but I thought I’d talk about some of those reasons here and let you know how it all turned out.

First of all, hats off to the marketing team. I really like the packaging; it’s sleek and pretty and eye-catching. They come in an aluminum can as opposed to a plastic bottle, which is apparently the hot new packaging format for beverages.  Their internet ads are clean and fresh looking, something else that will get your attention. But other than that, I hadn’t noticed much more advertising, which made me think that perhaps it was simply a preliminary roll-out and that they weren’t available in my area yet. And although that wasn’t the case, it was still very crafty of you Pepsi, very crafty. 

Second, I like the flavor options they offer. I of course enjoy a good cold glass of standard lemonade, particularly in the summer, and I felt like the addition of bubbles was an intriguing twist. I am also a fan of flavored lemonades, and the Peach and Blackberry options for this beverage was right up my alley. Not to mention they could be a great mix-in for adult beverages as well (as pointed out by Mr. 5th Food Group.) And they are sweetened with a mix of natural stevia and a bit of regular sugar, with no more than 16g per 12oz., they’re a drink you can feel good about having on a regular basis. You can find out more (including where they are sold in your area) by visiting their website.

So how did they taste? I have to say I was really impressed. They’re bubbly and refreshing without being too bubbly, sweet enough without leaving you with that sticky, sickly feeling, and the blended options showcase their respective fruits nicely. Meaning the Blackberry and Peach flavors stood out nicely without overwhelming the lemon flavoring. And that aluminum can packaging I was smirking about earlier? It actually comes in very handy for getting the lemonade extra cold. From a personal standpoint, if I had to rate the flavors individually I would say the Blackberry was my favorite, followed by the original Lemon and then the Peach. They do only have the three flavors currently, but if I know beverage companies, I would bet that if this really takes off more flavors will be headed our way in the future.

For anyone who might be wondering, I am not a member of the Cult of LaCroix drinkers out there. so I cannot compare the two beverages. Normally I’m not into sparkling water at all, but the addition of flavorings and sweeteners definitely change the game for me. I found these being sold as single 12oz. cans down the soda aisle of my local market for about $1.50 each. That may seem a bit high, but with the combo of great taste and not-so-bad-for-you ingredients, I think it’s worth it. Have you tried Lemon Lemon yet? Let me know your thoughts on this delicious summer beverage.