It has come to the point where I am really looking forward to getting my subscription box each month. There is always something new and interesting, and very few things have not been to my taste. I also appreciate that basically everything falls into the healthy category in some way or another. So here’s a little rundown of what I received this month; a few repeats and some delicious new items as well.

Apple Hard Candy by Go Organic – I was pretty excited to get this full-sized bag of candies in the box, especially since I tried some of the Mint Iced Tea flavor as samples in another box, which I talked about here. As expected they were delicious, and thankfully didn’t have that chemical “fake” apple taste. on Twitter @HillsideCandy or IG #goorganiccandy

Asiago, Parmesan & Cheddar Popcorn by 479 degrees – This yummy bag of goodness caught my attention primarily because I love snacking on popcorn. And I love cheese. So, cheese flavored popcorn? Yeah, I was all over it. This San Francisco-based company was started by one Jean Arnold, who was inspired by childhood memories of regular popcorn eating to produce an all-natural, organic snacking popcorn that is always processed by hand. The company was named for 479 degrees, the perfect temperature for popping corn. Made from heirloom corn that is non-GMO and gluten-free, it is air-popped and flavored with a variety of spices while it is still warm. It comes in nine year-round flavors, including Toasted Sesame and Seaweed, Black Truffle, and Toasted Coconut Caramel. And along with the wide range of flavors, the company consistently make sound social choices as well. They only do business with companies that support sustainable farming and fair trade practices. Cheers to you, 479! on Twitter @479Degrees or IG #479Degrees

Garlic & Onion Roasted Broad Beans by Enlightened – These little lightly-roasted babies were a happy surprise for me. Roasted beans of all kinds are a favorite snack of mine, and I definitely appreciate LWF for choosing to send this particular flavor. Crunchy, delightful goodness basically sums these up. Their parent company, Beyond Better Foods, is a New York-based company that started back in 2013 with a line of good-and-good-for-you ice cream treats, and just recently expanded into the savory end of the market. The broad beans, which are a widely popular snack in various cultures around the world, come in five very interesting flavors, including Wasabi, Mesquite BBQ and Sriracha. The Garlic & Onion flavor I received (and devoured!) had 100 calories, 2.5g of fat and 120mg of sodium in a 3.5 oz. package, with no cholesterol and no sugar. I consider that a pretty good trade off.  And they’re gluten-free, non-GMO and vegan. Not to mention they’re line of ice cream bars look positively dreamy! on Twitter @eatenlightened or IG #eatenlightened

Popped Salted Caramel Healthy Grains Bar by Kind – I have enough previous experience with Kind bars to know that they’re worth a little bit a of a higher price, if only for the taste. So I was ready and willing to try out this bar. Do I need to say it was amazing? Ok good. You can read more about my thoughts on Kind bars in my very first blog post here. on Twitter @KINDsnacks or IG #kindaawesome

Original Naan Crisps by Stonefire – I am a really big fan of naan; it is definitely one of my favorite breads. And I was excited to receive these tasty crisps in the box. But I was really intrigued by the story of the company. Stonefire was started out of a family-run bakery in Toronto, Canada. After several years of experimentation, they developed technology that closely mimics the traditional Indian tandoori oven, where naan bread was baked. All of their dough is made in small batches, is hand-stretched and always includes fresh buttermilk and authentic ghee. There are four flavors of the naan crisps, including Tandoori Spice and Everything. No fat, no cholesterol, sugar-free and only 2g of fat per serving? You’re speaking my language! They make traditional naan of course, and they also offer ready-made pizza crusts for the home-based pie maker. If you come across these in your local supermarket, don’t miss them! on Twitter @StonefireNaan or IG #stonefirenaan

Cranberry Sesame Peanut Butter by Wild Friends – Oh my gosh, peanut butter? Cranberries? Peanut butter and cranberries? Yes please! This Oregon company was created by two college roommates who literally didn’t feel like going to the store to buy more peanut butter. So they tried making their own. Four years later, you’ve got Wild Friends butters, a company that offers all natural, non-GMO and kosher. Their almond and sunflower butters are even processed in a separate, 100% peanut-free facility. The peanut butters come in five flavors, including my Cranberry Sesame sample packet, and a more traditional Honey blend. The almond and sunflower butters also have some delectable options, like Vanilla Espresso and Chocolate. And who doesn’t love chocolate? on Twitter @2wildfriends or IG #wild_friends

Fruity Pie by I Love Snacking – I Love Snacking is an interesting company, headquartered in New Jersey but with offices in England and Europe as well. They offer a nice variety of snacks to various outlets such as airlines, vending machines and of course supermarkets. The snacks all have a basis in traditional Mediterranean cooking, including hummus, bruschetta and even dolmas, delightful little rice-stuffed grape leaves. Their latest venture, Fruity Pies, is a tasty all-natural way to enjoy the deliciousness of a pie in a convenient small size. They’re gluten-free and vegan, and the best part? The very few ingredients that are in them are entirely pronounceable! on Twitter @ilovesnacking or IG #ilovesnacking

Lemon Rooibos Iced Tea by Stash – Stash Tea Company is one of the more well-known purveyors of tea out there today. And they’ve been at it for quite awhile; the company began creating and selling bagged herbal teas in 1975, and these days they have a vast menu of varieties and flavors available, including herbal, green and decaf types, and Peach and Mint flavors. Among the offerings is Iced Herbal Tea Powder, a mix that only requires water to give you a delicious flavored iced tea in seconds. In this case, I received the Lemon Rooibos, and I have to say, despite my general dislike of lemon-flavored things, this tea was very refreshing and delicious. And not only does Stash taste good, they do good, too. They select their teas exclusively from tea gardens that use fair work practices for their employees. They purchase green power to run their plant, and recycle all their paper and packaging. And in a further bid to lend a hand to the environment, they pay half the cost of a monthly bus pass for all employees who choose public transportation for their commute. Hats off to you, Team Stash! on Twitter @stashtea or IG #stashtea

So that’s another Love With Food box put to bed. I really enjoyed this one – there were a lot of the type of snacks I like; convenient, salty, crunchy and good for you. And let’s not forget the peanut butter. I can’t wait to see what will be at my door next month. Happy eating!