Wouldn’t it just be great if you could get your makeup to last all day long, without having to touch it up? Admittedly, I don’t put as much effort into it as some do, but I would like to have my work preserved for more than a few hours. Thankfully there are plenty of makeup primers and setting sprays on the market that can do just that. I have tried a few of these sprays in the past, and there are some quality ones available. Recently I decided to try one from Makeup Revolution, a drugstore brand that is gaining popularity for it’s quality and affordability.Makeup Revolution Makeup Fixing Spray

The company produces a few different setting sprays, but I happened to pick up the Sport Fixing Spray ($8), which is designed to top off your makeup and hold it in place through a long day. According to their claims, it will even last through a workout – hence the “Sport”, I’m guessing. I don’t typically wear makeup to the gym, but my “real” job can be rigorous, and often my makeup is mostly rubbed off by the end of the day. So I’ll just count that as my “workout.” I’ve had a couple of weeks to try it out in different situations, different kinds of weather, even different applications, and I thought I’d share my thoughts on the pros and cons of the spray.

The first and probably most obvious positive feature is the price. You get almost 4oz. for $8, which is quite affordable compared to many others on the market. The packaging itself is pretty; a sleek black spray bottle with gold lettering, it looks pretty sophisticated, so that could be a plus if you’re into displaying your makeup at all. The actual spray mechanism itself is really nice. Now this may seem a bit trivial to the average person, but if you are a consistent user of setting sprays, you know how important the spray action itself can be. Some spray bottles can give out too much and your face is soaked, while others can give off a sad few little droplets that get you nowhere. But you needn’t worry with this one.  And as far as its effectiveness? Well it’s better than average. But more on that in a minute.

Like everything in life, there are no “pros” without some “cons.” I have mentioned in previous posts that I have something of a sensitive nose, and it definitely got a workout with this spray. I can’t describe the smell of this stuff other than to say, “Eew.” The first three ingredients of the spray are water, alcohol and denatured propylene glycol, so I guess I was kind of asking for it. But still, it’s pretty unpleasant to have to deal with that every time you want to set your makeup. I much preferred the Pixi setting spray I tried last year. Something else that I wasn’t wild about – but was far less offensive – is the drying time on this spray. I felt like I had to wait quite a bit for it to dry and “set up” on my skin. And if you’re in a hurry, you don’t want to have to do a a lot of waiting and possibly smudging your makeup because your face is still wet.

And now for the plot twist. Because I’ve had a couple of weeks to try this out, I also used it as a priming spray, applying it before I put on my makeup. And to my surprise it was much more effective (at least for me personally) when I used it with that intention. After applying the spray on top of my makeup, it lasted a few hours longer than it normally would. But when I applied the spray first, my makeup lasted all day. As in, all day. Around nine hours, in fact. So I was pretty thrilled with the revelation; it almost made me overlook that devastating smell. Almost.

I hope this had some helpful information for you, especially if your a big setting spray fan. I have other items from Revolution that I love, so don’t think that this one review was a total bashing. They have great products, many of which are completely unscented! Let me know in the comments what your favorite setting spray is, and if you’ve tried any of the Revolution brand sprays in the past. Have a great week!