I noticed recently that it had been a while since I reviewed a product, and because there are continuous introductions to the market, it seemed a little remiss  of me. If you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time, you know that I’m a tremendous snack cracker fan. And I’m always interested in trying products that could be somewhat better for me. I’d had my eye on a line of snacks for a week or so, and decided to give Good Thins crackers by Nabisco a test run. bask2

I honestly didn’t even notice that these were a Nabisco product at first. My hats off to the marketing department, because their primary objective was successful; they got my attention with their packaging. Their boxes are a non-traditional base color, which makes them stand apart from the other red and yellow boxes on the shelf. The fonts are varied both in style and color, making the overall packaging more appealing and interesting to look at. And, as a random side note, the inner bags that contain the crackers themselves are (blessedly) easy to open. So there’s no struggle to open the bag, resulting in the sudden explosion of product all over the place. That may sound a little dramatic to some, but how many of us out there have experienced that with other crackers/and or chips? Thanks Good Thins!chkpea1

There are five types of crackers available; chickpea, oat, corn, rice and the expected potato. All of the crackers are baked, the first step in making things healthier. Plenty of flavor options abound, with a greater variety than other brands. I chose the White Cheddar potato, the Poppy and Sesame Seed rice cracker, and the Garlic & Herb chickpea. I had actually picked up the chickpea version first, as a preliminary “test run” to my test run. I personally love chickpeas and all chickpea-related items, so this was a bit of a no-brainer. So here are the pros: they’re crunchy and the flavor is deep enough without being too overwhelming. If I had to compare them to other similar snacks? They’re very much like Nabisco’s other whiz-kid item, Wheat Thins. They even resemble them to a degree. The other good news? The serving size is large: twenty-two of these things, and I’m pretty sure that even if I was starving I couldn’t eat that many. They’re extremely satisfying, and while the sodium is up a little (200mg), the sugar is low (3g). And these would pair well with a dip or spread, but can stand on their own just fine as well.rice1

I then ventured into rice cracker territory. On sight alone, these immediately made me think of the popular rice-based snacks often found in Asian markets. While I’m not a huge fan, I appreciate their crunchiness, but sometimes the “ricey” aftertaste can be a little overwhelming, so I was a bit concerned that I may have the same issue with these. I was surprised to discover that these crackers had all that crunchy goodness and a terrific salty flavor that combined with the sesame element to make a seriously delicious snack. It’s thinner and slightly more delicate than the chickpea cracker (obviously), so you may want to go easy on pairing them with thicker dips or spreads. But if you just want something to grab, sit down and snack to your heart’s content? Jump on these. They’re sugar-free, gluten -free, and have a lower sodium content (120mg). And while the serving size is a little smaller, trust me, it won’t hurt a bit.tater1

The last flavor I sampled was the White Cheddar potato. Now I have had plenty of baked potato snacks in my time; Baked Lays are pretty good, and we have had our fair share of Pringles. So I had few qualms going into it. The cheddar flavor is well-developed and they are sufficiently crunchy, but I think perhaps I was expecting a little more substance when trying these out. I did keep in mind that these crackers were baked, and that does tend to lighten things up somewhat. But it was as though as soon as I bit into the cracker, it was gone. I love the fact that they are low in fat and sugar and are cholesterol-free, but I might actually need to eat more that the suggested serving amount to feel completely satisfied. Don’t get me wrong, these are delicious, and I do recommend giving them a try, but if you’re a hard core snacker like myself, you may want to stick to the two previously mentioned products, or try one of the many other flavors available. If you’d like to find out more about Good Thins, be sure to check out their website, that’s user-friendly and has the full lineup for flavors available.

And that’s my take on these totally tasty snack crackers. Like I said previously, I definitely recommend trying these out if you haven’t. I think it’s commendable that more and more major brands are offering healthier options to consumers that actually taste good, and Nabisco has hit the nail on the head with these.