I feel like it’s been forever  since I reviewed any new snacks, and I’ve recently been bored with a lot of what’s been on the shelves at my local supermarket. So when I noticed the new line of snack crackers from Mondelez International – the folks that own Nabisco and other major labels – I decided to give a couple of them a go and see if they could stand out in the sea of snacking options that we’re faced with these days. If you haven’t heard or seen the new Vea World Snacks line, and are looking for something a bit different for a snack option, just keep reading!Two of the Vea World Snack crackers

In the grand scheme of things, these crackers are pretty new to the market, having only been launched in July of this year. However, I was still a bit surprised that Mondelez has still not set up a website for the product. In fact, there hasn’t been much public buzz about them at all; I certainly haven’t noticed any TV or print advertisement about them, although the limited info I was able to glean from their website and Facebook page made it seem as though they are pretty proud of their product. The basic idea behind the trio of snacking options is that they  are made from wholesome, nutritive ingredients with limited chemical involvement. This includes the standard whole grains, no artificial colors or flavorings, and being non-GMO Project Certified. And that’s terrific; I think we’re all interested in trying to eat a little better these days, and this is probably a good option for that.The Tuscan Herb flavor of Vea World Snacks

As previously mentioned, there are three types of snack in the Vea family. The World Crisps are similar to a baked, crispy chip and come in two flavors – that I could locate. Again, there isn’t a ton of info floating around out there about these things – Andean Quinoa & Spices, and Tuscan Herbs, the one that I chose. The Mini Crunch Bars are a bit like a savory granola bar, available in Peruvian Sweet Potato and Thai Coconut flavors. The third type is the Seed Crackers, which are a more dense, hearty kind of cracker, and come in Greek Hummus and Mexican Garden Herbs flavor, which was the other one that I picked up to try.The Mexican Garden Herb flavor of Vea World Snacks

After reading the press release from Mondelez, their target audience seems to be millenials (which makes sense), a group that I certainly to not fall into. However,  I do appreciate being offered something new and different in the way of the flavors and presentation of my snacks – hear what I’m saying, Lay’s? But enough of my griping, let’s talk about the crackers. I tried the Tuscan Herb because, tbh, I wanted to play it safe the first time around. I picked up the Mexican Garden Herbs to bring a little balance to the situation; it sounded interesting and I love seed-y, hearty crackers. The Tuscan flavor was good, although I wouldn’t call the flavors distinctive. You couldn’t really pick out anything specific about them – they just tasted “herbal”, with a hint of garlic thrown in. Maybe it’s my fault for playing it safe. I didn’t dislike them, I just wasn’t blown away. They’re fine if you’re into Italian-type flavored snacks, and I think they hold up on their own (i.e., they don’t necessarily need a dip or spread), but I probably won’t repurchase that particular flavor. The Mexican Herb crackers however, were impressive. That have a really nice non-salsa flavor that most snacks with a “Mexican” label present, and there’s a nice little kick of spice at the end as well. These crackers are thicker than say, Ritz crackers or even Triscuits, so much so that they’re actually a bit soft and crunchy at the same time, if that makes sense. But the flavor is awesome, they definitely don’t need any accompaniment like a dip, and I would buy this flavor again.

Now, as to the nutritional aspect of these snacks…of course Mondelez, like most companies, want to present a super-healthy, hey-we’re-looking-out-for-you approach to all their products. Their job is to make money after all, and they spent a lot of time (and probably money) on the packaging. Side note: the crackers do come in a resealable bag, which I give two thumbs up: I despise stale crackers. A look at the nutritional info on the package isn’t too horrifying; the Tuscan flavor has about 150 mg of sodium and 3.5 g of fat, which isn’t horrible for the serving size (about 18 crackers.) And the ingredients list is pronounceable, also a good sign. The Mexican Garden Herb crackers are about the same, although they do have more fat (8 g) per serving at about half the serving size (9 crackers). So it’s a bit of a toss up in that area, but again, I would take the trade off of fewer Mexican Herb crackers for the flavor alone. These aren’t a particularly inexpensive snack – I found these for about $3.29 for a 5 oz. package – and I think you could probably shop around and find them cheaper. But if you’re looking for something a bit different or special, it’s worth a little extra cash.

So I hope this post was interesting, and maybe gave you some insight if you’re looking for new snacking ideas for upcoming holiday parties, or Friday-night Netflix binges. If you’ve tried any new snacks recently (savory or sweet!) that you think I should check out, let me know in the comments below. Have a great week!