Za’atar – A Blend of Good Taste

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For a long time on the blog a did a series of posts about some of the more popular herbs used in cuisine. But there is a whole other side to cooking and enhancing the flavor of our foods. After all, the old adage doesn’t say, “Variety is the herb of life.” So I wanted to check out a few spices that you maybe weren’t as familiar with, and check out a few ways to use them. I decided first to look at za’atar, a spice blend originating in the Middle East and becoming more widely known in popular Western cooking.Za'atar Seasoning Blend.


The Melon You Never Knew You Liked

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Something about this weather we’re into in my neck of the woods has me wanting to cross items off my “Never Tried” list. This time around I wanted to check out kiwano, aka Horned Melon,  as I knew very little – if anything – about it, and I felt like most people probably share my ignorance. So on a recent supermarket trip I picked one up, did a little research, and decided to share what I discovered.


Lump in the Throat

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I have a few things I want to say. Everyone else has been saying what was on their minds, so I’m going to take my turn, too. It’s been a hard couple of days. I consider myself pretty emotionally tough; I have the ability to compartmentalize difficult, even traumatic situations. I have the ability to move on from a lot of things without looking back. Some would probably consider me aloof or even cold, but I feel comfortable being able to go through life without getting mired down in too many emotions. But this one was bad. I did a good job of hiding it, but it really is bothering me, and I’ve been thinking about it almost constantly.


Andalou Naturals Soothing Skincare Line

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I have really been enjoying my adventures in natural skincare, so I thought it was time to continue on my journey and sample products from another organic line. This time I chose Andalou Naturals, a company that I am somewhat familiar with through marketing, but not from personal experience. I know it is a well-established and popular brand, so making this my next choice was pretty much a no-brainer. I have noticed as I age (and since my cancer treatment) that my normally sensitive skin now gets red and irritated more easily than it used to, so I opted for their 1000 Roses Soothing line, offering a few products to help get your skin happy and under control.


The “Other” Other White Meat

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A couple of years ago I did a post about the term “foodie.” What it meant to me, how other people see it, etc. I almost feel like it’s a bit archaic these days, as more and more people are becoming more and more exposed to different foods. I don’t really consider myself a foodie, just a food lover. And I believe that part of that relationship that I have with food centers on me being open to trying new things. So recently I decided it was time for me to delve into the wild world of jackfruit. I have heard so much about it, in particular that it is a common meat substitute for many vegans. So I wanted to share my experience this week for those of you who have never had it (or possibly even heard of it), and maybe hear from those of you who do eat it and your thoughts on it.Trader Joe's Jackfruit.


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