On a recent outing I was in search of some new and exciting skincare options. After having heard plenty of hype, and being somewhat new to the brand, I decided to grab a few items from Pixi by Petra and give them a go. I had some fairly interesting results, so I thought I would let you all know my thoughts.

The first item, and the one I was most curious about, was the Double Cleanse, a two-step method done by Pixi in collaboration with Caroline Hirons, an uber-famous British skincare expert and blogger. The process involves first cleansing to remove makeup with a soft-wax type cleanser, then following with a richer cream-based formula to remove dirt and cleanse pores. I had only heard about the notion of double-cleansing recently, and like nearly everything else in my life, I was a bit skeptical. But I felt that if it did work well, it would be great for days when I did happen to wear a lot of makeup – for me, that’s around two to three days a week. I am pleased to say that as a sensitive skin gal, neither of the cleansers are “scented.” They have a scent, and while it isn’t what I would call pleasant, it’s not so bad that you wouldn’t want to use it. The melting cleanser went on smoothly, and I could see my makeup breaking up and dissolving. I am a fan of melting cleansers, lotions and micellar waters of all kinds, so this was nice for me. I resisted the urge to immediately rinse it off with water, as it is recommended to only use a damp cloth to remove both cleansers. The cream formula was very smooth and felt nice on the skin, without being greasy or heavy. They came off very nicely with the damp cloth without leaving any residue behind or my skin feeling stripped of moisture. Two thumbs up on this one. You get 1.69 oz. for $24, and while I think this is a touch high for what you’re getting, I do recommend trying it out if you wear a lot of makeup, or if you have days where you just feel like you need a deeper cleanse.

The other item that caught my eye was the Makeup Fixing Mist with Rose Water and Green Tea. I admit to not being much of a user of setting or priming sprays, although I know they are second only to highlighting on the Hotness Chart of the Makeup World. And yes I just made that up, but you know what I mean. I had been toying with the idea recently of picking up a setting spray, as I do work fairly long hours at my “real” job, and my makeup generally takes a beating. So I wanted to see how well a spray might work for me. One of the first things I’ll say about it is that all of you rose scent lovers out there will be in heaven. I’m pretty indifferent about the scent of rose; it’s nice, but I’m not obsessed or anything. However, this stuff just smells like paradise. Another thing I enjoyed about it – and all you loyal setting spray users will understand – is that the actual mist itself was really good. It comes out in a very fine mist that covers a decent-sized area of your face. I thought this was a nice feature, as I didn’t have to use a large amount of the product to do the job. I wanted to test it out on a normal work day, and after applying my “everyday” face I was ready to go. I had it on for about eight and a half hours, and at the end things were looking pretty good. There was some wear on the high points (around my nose and the tops of my cheekbones) but otherwise I was pretty impressed. I will say that once you spray it you may want to wait a couple of minutes, as it does take a few minutes to dry. Other than that, I have nothing negative to say about this stuff. The very pretty packaging gives you 2.7 oz. for $15, and I think that’s fair for what you’re getting from this spray. It may have just made a believer out of me.

As I said before, I had always heard about how amazing Pixi products were, and if their entire line is as good as what I tried out, this could end up becoming a favorite brand of mine. Are you a fan of Pixi products? If there are any other items in the line that you think I should try, let me know in the comments below. Have a great week!