Ok guys, bear with me on this. You’ve already seen the title, and I swear I would normally never do an entire post on something as singular as mascara. But when I come across something that I like this much, I just have to talk about it.Revlon MegaMultiplier Mascara.

Mascara, like some other elements of beauty, is exceedingly personal. We all have different types of eyelashes; short., long, extra long. Thick and bushy, thin and sparse, very fair and so dark you hardly need mascara. And because there are so many formulas of mascara on the market these days, you can spend quite a lot of time – and let’s face it, money – on finding the right one for you. And from my point of view, I think most of us are looking for the same results in general; those ultra-dark, Elizabeth Taylor-style double set of lashes that never smudge or flake (And yes, she actually had a double set of lashes. A genetic anomaly as it turns out, that only served to make her even more gorgeous, along with those violet eyes. I think the term, “Slay queen,” should have been invented for her.)  I have in my life found very few mascaras that even got me close to achieving that eyelash holy grail, and when I found them I was fiercely loyal. But like every female, I would eventually get my head turned by some new beauty-guru touted brand and formula, if only to just, “give it a shot.” I am quite partial to drugstore brands, including Essence Lash Princess (thanks @glamlifeguru!) and the perennial favorite L’Oreal Voluminous. I like the original formula best because, if it works for me, why mess with a good thing?

But enough of my blabbing. You probably want to know why I used up a whole blog post for this Revlon stuff, huh? Well let’s start with my sense of practicality. There are probably a lot of you out there who have several tubes going at once, or have one open with others waiting in the wings to get used. Well I use one (yes, one) tube at a time and then move on to another one. And depending on my circumstances at the time, I will venture into a new brand or stick with what I love. I recently finished up  a tube of my beloved Voluminous and was of a mind to change up a bit and see what else I could find. Because you know, sometimes you can get surprised. I came upon some new Revlon mascaras, including Volumazing, All In One and the MegaMultiplier formula, which I decided to take for a spin. The packaging is sleek and modern, but shape of the tube itself makes it pretty easy to hold onto, always a plus when you’re half-asleep putting on your makeup early in the morning. One of my favorite things about this mascara is the wand – something that I know is also very personal – it is a bit longer, thinner and cone-shaped, which is perfect for my eye shape and the way my lashes sit on my eyes. It is also, these days, a bit difficult to come by with the new(ish) craze for strangely-shaped, plastic-bristled wands (I personally prefer natural bristles.) And while the formula is pretty wet, you don’t get a ton of product on the wand at a time, which is great for me, because I can decide how mush I put on. And again, it keeps my oh-so-graceful hand from painting my face with the stuff. There are lots of other pluses about this mascara; it dries fast, and has yet to smudge or flake on me. And if you live in my neck of the woods, you know that keeping your makeup on your face is in itself a feat of engineering. And of course, because it’s a drugstore brand, it’s both easy to locate and very affordable (this formula was around $8).

So there’s the whole ball of wax. and now you know why I just had to do a post. Feel free to let me know in the comments below what mascara you are loyal to (if any), and if you’ve tried the new Revlon mascaras yet. If you’d like to know more, go check out the Revlon website. It’s very user-friendly, and has plenty of helpful info on all their latest products. Hope you enjoyed the post, and have a great week!