I love Soap & Glory. I imagine a lot of people do, as they are one of the top-selling bath and skincare brands out there. But no kidding, their stuff is awesome. The Clean On Me Body Wash is amazing, not only for it’s potent feminine scent, but the fact that you get a ton of product for around $10 is enough to win over even the most critical of skeptics. I’ve recently been in the market for a facial cleanser, so when I saw that they just introduced a new one to their line, I couldn’t resist snapping it up and giving it a go. Enter the Face, Soap and Clarity Brightening Face Wash.

Soap & Glory is a cool, kitschy British brand that was begun eleven years ago to give women (and men if they so choose) the beast value for their beauty buck. It all started with their Sexy MotherPucker Lip Gloss – of which I am not a huge fan, but I certainly respect what it does for those who do enjoy it. Since then they have spread out into bath, body, skincare and other cosmetics, and have always stuck to their original idea; fun, easy-to-use products at a great value. They’ve won loads of beauty awards from all over the place, so clearly they’re getting it right. If you want to find out about the rest of their line, you can check out the Soap and Glory website. And they’re available at various Target, Walgreen’s and Ulta locations nationwide, so tracking down the goodness shouldn’t be too difficult.

I try to be a bit discerning when looking for cleansers, as I have sensitive skin and don’t want to just grab whatever and have it strip my skin and create a dermal disaster. No one wants that, right? And because I am getting older, my skin has gone from a oil-producing machine to combination, leaning more toward the dry side. Which means I’m not big into foaming cleansers because I always feel like it makes my skin extra dry afterward. 

So I’m going to give you the “cons” of this cleanser first. If you are into natural skin care, or if you have to keep to cleansers with minimal ingredients due to your skin type, this will probably not be your jam. There is a long list of barely-pronounceable stuff in here, and although it is paraben-free, it contains glycerin (and fragrance), which is a no-no for a lot of people. And this particular cleanser does contain very small “scrubbing beads”, which appear to be some form of plastic, so it’s not super eco-friendly either. 

And now for the good news. Face, Soap and Clarity contains Vitamin C and yuzu, a Japanese citrus fruit with lemon-like qualities, both of which are designed to brighten the complexion with consistent use. And with the aforementioned beads, you get a nice exfoliation with each wash as well. So you get the cleansing, exfoliating and brightening steps all in one process. I was worried at first that because it was a gel, it may be a little thin or runny, but it has a really nice consistency. I didn’t feel like the scrubbing beads were overly useful, but it could be because I am used to a more thorough exfoliation, so if you’re looking for a really gentle scrub, this could be for you. It did do a great job of removing my makeup, and though my skin didn’t feel stripped, it did feel tight, and I welcomed my follow-up moisturizer. It has a lemony scent (from the yuzu no doubt), and although it says it’s a foaming cleanser, I didn’t get a large amount of lather from it. As for the brightening…having only used it twice, I suppose my complexion looks a bit brighter, but I’m not certain how much of that is subliminal. If you tell me my skin will be brighter, will I start to see it regardless of the result?

Despite the negatives I talked about before, I wasn’t really disappointed with the actual performance of this cleanser. It does a great job getting your face clean, which is all I was looking for in the first place, and again, you get almost 12oz. for about $12 (I got mine for $11 – thanks Target!). However, because of the environmental issue with those scrubbing beads and the somewhat scary ingredient list, I probably won’t be repurchasing it. Let me know in the comments if you’ve tried – or plan to try – this out, and have a great week!