I have enormous respect for people with large families. It takes a lot of work and planning to get meals on the table for multiple people in a household, and food and beverage manufacturers have their marketing strategy for that idea down pat. So it can sometimes be a challenge for folks who live in a two (or even one) person household to create meals that are portioned sensibly. Whether you are looking to reduce waste in your life, or if you just aren’t into leftovers, Healthy Cooking For Two (Or Just You) by Francis Price could be the cookbook for you.

First let me say, this is not a brand new book. It was first published in 1995,Β but any cookbook that fills such a specific niche in my life will always get my attention. AndΒ most importantly is that this book offers some really great recipes that are easy to put together and sound delicious. Obviously I haven’t tried them all – having only owned the book for about three weeks – but the Carolina Casserole (pg. 154) was very good. And all of the recipes are written to suit one person or two people, so you can tailor a meal to your personal needs. Another important point is that Ms. Price is a registered dietician, former restaurant owner and journalist. As a result, the recipes in this book are all health-focused (but still user-friendly and tasty), even giving nutritional information in the recipe index at the end of the book.

There are pros and cons to every situation, and the only con I can associate with this book is entirely a personal one. Giving the state of home cooking in the mid-nineties, I am not entirely thrown by the fact that many of the recipes – nearly all, in fact – call for being cooked in a microwave. I have nothing against microwaves (that is where popcorn comes from, right? Just kidding…) but if I am going to make the effort of gathering ingredients at a supermarket, and then come home and take the time to prepare a meal, I’m not going to leave it all to the microwave. I like cooking on a stove…you know, the old-fashioned way. But I think that part of the reason Ms. Price created this book in the first place was to make great tasting food more convenient for the average home cook. At that, she was very successful.

If you’re interested in delicious, easy-to-prepare meals for you, or for you and your roommate, spouse of significant other, pick this one up. It’s available on Amazon for around thirteen dollars, so it is well worth it for the convenience, and the assistance you’ll get in maintaining that New Year’s resolution to eat a little healthier.