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Sukin Clean Skincare

Reviews By April 14, 2019 Tags: , , , , , , No Comments

Spring has come around again, and I am continuing on my clean skincare journey. Most recently I tried a few items from Sukin skincare, a line produced in Australia, that has a laundry list of items their products aren’t made with, like pthalates and parabens, but also without propylene glycol or mineral oils. And they’re cruelty-free, too. Sold!


TonyMoly Changing Magic Foot Peeling Shoes

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Alright everyone, things could get a little ugly in this one. We’re going to talk about feet this week, and I cannot tell you how much I am having to muster my courage to do it. I am not a lover of feet. While I’m not completely repulsed by them, I certainly would not pay the dues for the fan club. I don’t even get pedicures because the thought of a stranger touching my feet (who isn’t a medical professional) gives me the willies. I have always done my own foot care and I’m completely content with that, thank you very much. I recently picked up a newer product from K-Beauty gurus TonyMoly that could potentially upgrade your at-home pedi game.


Revlon Kiss Plumping Lip Creme

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With the warm weather finally hanging around, I’m steering away from heavier products like liquid lipsticks and those with matte finishes, and more toward glosses. They are a great way to get the color you want and still maintain a light texture that is comfortable enough to wear all day. Revlon recently released a ten-shade collection of lip cremes that claim to also be able to plump your pout. I recently put a couple of them to the test, and decided to share my thoughts.Β Revlon Kiss Plumping Lip Cremes


Brand Review – Acure Skincare

lifestyle & beauty, Reviews By April 30, 2018 Tags: , , , , No Comments

My recent flirtations with vegan foods and general healthier eating has also made me take a look at what I’m putting on the outside of my body as well. I’ve read reviews from other makeup and skincare junkies about natural and organic lines, and was eager to try one out to see if it could also work for me. So on a recent trip to my local Whole Foods I investigated Acure, a natural skincare line, and tried a few of their products for myself.


Bliss Makeup Melt Jelly Cleanser

lifestyle & beauty, Reviews By April 10, 2018 Tags: , , , , No Comments

I gotta tell ya, these makeup and skincare companies really know how to get me. I am always game to try a new product, especially skincare that is hydrating and won’t wreak havoc on my sensitive skin. Between that, a track record of great quality products and just some plain old cute packaging, I could not resist trying out something new from Bliss; the Makeup Melt Jelly Cleanser with Rose Flower.The Bliss Makeup Melt Jelly Cleanser.


Makeup Revolution Sport Fixing Spray

lifestyle & beauty, Reviews By March 27, 2018 Tags: , , , , , No Comments

Wouldn’t it just be great if you could get your makeup to last all day long, without having to touch it up? Admittedly, I don’t put as much effort into it as some do, but I would like to have my work preserved for more than a few hours. Thankfully there are plenty of makeup primers and setting sprays on the market that can do just that. I have tried a few of these sprays in the past, and there are some quality ones available. Recently I decided to try one from Makeup Revolution, a drugstore brand that is gaining popularity for it’s quality and affordability.Makeup Revolution Makeup Fixing Spray


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