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Beta Vulgaris

Feeling the Beet – the Color of Good Health

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Everyone has those one or two foods that they couldn’t stand in childhood and then somehow magically grew to love as an adult. My personal “Exhibit A” is Brussels sprouts. I wouldn’t have touched those things for love nor money when I was young, and now I’m basically ready to marry them (#allthebrusselssprouts). One food that certainly does not hold that distinction for me howeverΒ is the beet. God bless them, their beautiful color alone should be enough to merit some kind of affection from me, but I just never got into them for some reason. And yet I will not let that stand in the way of a good discussion about all the great redeeming qualities this little veg has. Love ’em or hate ’em, this week, we’re talking about the beet…Whlbt1


Chard – The Other Green Leaf

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Everyone knows that leafy green vegetables are good for you. And unless you are on some form of a restricted diet, you are (hopefully) trying to get greens into your diet, such as kale – the recent darling of the culinary world – any of the Greens family – Turnip, Collard or Mustard – or even that classic powerhouse of nutrients, spinach. But coming in at a close second behind spinach on the Good-For-You scale, and not getting quite as much attention as the other greens is chard, more commonly referred to as Swiss chard, and it’s packing both a healthy and (thankfully) a delicious punch.


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