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Top 5 Foods for Heart Health

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It’s February, and this month is all about hearts. Nope, I don’t mean the ones you see for Valentine’s Day. I mean your heart, and my heart, and everyone else’s, too. The heart is one of our most crucial pieces of biology, and as many people can attest, it is nothing to be messed around with. Taking care of your heart should be part of your everyday routine, quite a bit of which can be done through your diet. So here are five foods that are sure to make your heart happy.


Catching a Hail Merry Treat

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At the risk of repeating myself, things certainly have changed for me since I found out I had cancer, and in more ways than one. One of those changes was to my diet; not only in the things that I could handle eating, but the fact that I am starting to be more and more particular about what I eat. Not only is this due to a general desire for better health, but also because of restrictions brought on by various medications I am now taking. I already talked about my diet last summer not long after myΒ diagnosis.Β So when I came upon the Hail Merry snacks at the supermarket recently, I was ready to give them a try. Sweet treats? Made from better-for-you ingredients? Cute packaging? Sign me up.The Hail Merry dessert cups.


Looking Back, Going Forward

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Hello again everyone! I hope everyone had a great holiday season; not too hectic, plenty of time with family, and way too much food. I had a pretty solid one myself, even with the usual frantic pace that makes up every December. And like so many other folks, the imminent arrival of a new year makes me look both back at the closing year and ahead to the new one. So I thought I’d talk about a few of the foodie-related topics from the blog this year, whether they held major significance or if my feelings have changed about them.


What’s On My Plate for Fall – September

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Ok everyone, the monthly review is back on track. Now that I have a handle on this crazy cancer situation, I have been able to give a bit more attention to what’s going on around me this fall. This one may be a bit short, but I’ve got plenty to say, so we’ll make it work. So grab a drink – preferably not a PSL, but to each his own – get comfortable, and let’s talk…


Top 5 Foods for Stress Relief

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Stress. Who hasn’t felt it at one point or another? Who doesn’t feel it to some degree or another every single day? And while there are plenty of ways to relieve it, one way that is natural, tasty, and won’t get you in trouble with the law (I hope) is through food. I decided to do a little looking into some foods that can help take our stress levels down a bit, and nourish us at the same time.


From My Kitchen: Double Mocha Cupcakes

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I was feeling bake-y this week gang, so I decided to get back in the kitchen and throw together a favorite of Mr. 5th Food Group, my double mocha cupcakes. I found this recipe (like so many that I have) a long time ago, and have over the years tweaked it slightly to suit my own taste and/or the occasion for which I was making them. I don’t count myself as a chocoholic, but anytime I can get anything coffee-related in my life, I’m on board. You are welcome to top these however you choose; I like ganache, buttercream – or both! – ,finish it off with chocolate sprinkles or crushed chocolate covered espresso beans if you’re a real coffee fiend like me. You can seriously make these your own, and they will be guaranteed crowd pleasers.


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