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The “Skinny” on Something Sweet

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I think one of the greatest struggles we all face – as far as our diets are concerned – is balance. Being able to enjoy the foods we love while trying to be healthy can be a daily issue. And for those who may be on a more restrictive budget, eating well is often a compromise, as the cost of eating healthier is much higher than that of loading the junk food into their carts. I recently picked up a dessert from one of my favorite brands, Skinny Cow, and it got me thinking about the idea of balancing diets.The Skinny Cow Chocolate Truffle Bars


Mini Ginger Cakes w/ Egg Nog Glaze

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Recently I got the yen for some baked goodies, so I had to power through the after effects of a (very) recent chemo treatment and get back in the kitchen. Something about turning on that oven makes me want to experiment, and it’s just not Christmas to me without at least one batch of gingerbread. Due to my present state of feeling like I got run over by a reindeer, I went the very easy route and use a boxed gingerbread mix. It tasted just as good and took about a third the time of going from scratch. So here they are in all their store-bought glory, another edition of the From My Kitchen series, little warm spiced Christmas bombs.


From My Kitchen – “Frozen” PB Pie

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Is anyone else melting in this summer heat? Ok good, I was hoping it wasn’t just me. There are obviously plenty of fun  ways to beat the heat like relaxing by the pool, enjoying a tasty, frosty beverage, or just plain staying inside. I realized that I haven’t done a “From My Kitchen” post in a while, and I thought it would be a good idea to incorporate a recipe from my childhood that was not only insanely delicious, but is sure to make you forget all about these sweltering temps. Say hello to the Frozen Peanut Butter Pie…


What’s On My Plate – November

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Hey gang! Hope everyone had a great holiday. Did you eat too much? Splendid! Did you raise the power nap to an art form? Excellent! Mine was lovely as usual; lots of family, lots of food, lots of football, so all my requirements were met. There were still, of course, plenty of things on my mind in November, so I thought I’d throw this one out there before the mania of the holiday season really goes into full gear.


What’s On My Plate – October

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Well I hope everyone else out there has been enjoying good weather this autumn. I know we certainly have in my neck of the woods, although I am definitely ready for some colder temperatures. All the stores are starting to market their Christmas items, and around here it’s a little tough to start thinking about that when it’s still 74° outside. But that’s not what this post is about. I’ve been keeping my ear to the ground and a few food-related items have piqued my interest. So here goes…oldfashionedhomemaking1


What I Eat in a Day

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This post started out being that traditional  What I Eat in a Day situation that seems to be taking the blogosphere by storm. After some consideration however, it occurred to me that my life and diet (such as they are) aren’t particularly practical for such a venture. Not to mention that most of my meals are anything but Instagram-able. I decided more on a “What I Eat in General/What I Enjoy Eating” post. I will say though, that as popular as this theme is, my primary inspiration was MissNewFoodie (Emily). If you haven’t read her posts, you have to check her out; she’s bringing a young, fresh and funny perspective to food and life in general.  That being said, let’s get into some eating…Piece1


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