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Jason’s Deli – A New Classic?

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So at the end of last month I mentioned that there was a new spot opening in Lexington, and that I would be talking about it again in the future. Well, the future is now, and I recently made a trip to the brand new restaurant that is looking to put a bit of an updated, and somewhat healthier, spin on the classic deli.Exterior of Jason's Deli


What’s Inside the Lockbox?

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Lexington is a city with a deep-rooted dining culture. A common conversation around water coolers and over text messages usually begins with, “Have you tried that new place _______ yet? I just heard about it.” And when word does get out about an imminent restaurant opening, the collective metaphoric breath-holding is almost palpable. Such was the feeling with Lockbox, the restaurant located inside the just-as-anticipated 21C Hotel on Main St. downtown. It’s bold, it’s artsy, it’s cool; it’s a lot of things that many Lexington restaurants aren’t, and a lot of things that I feel the people of Lexington were wanting. Sure, we all need our place to go grab a beer and some wings and watch a UK game, but we are also a fairly urbane community, whose level of culinary sophistication is growing – albeit slowly. So my significant otherΒ (Mr. 5th Food Group) and I dropped by to give Lockbox a turn and see what it and chefΒ Johnathan Searle were bringing to the ever-changing Lexington restaurant scene.

A stunning light display in the lobby of the hotel.

A stunning light display in the lobby of the hotel.


A Post On Etiquette (Pt.1)

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This is the first of a two-part series on restaurant etiquette. Having been in the business for nearly twenty years, I feel like I have quite a bit to say on the subject, from a perspective both as a customer and an employee.Β This can be something of a sensitive subject for some folks, so I will ask my readers to just bear in mind that this is only my opinion, and in no way am I intentionally making judgments on the lives of other people.Β  With that in mind…


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