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Olay Cleansing Infusion

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This is an older post that I was going to put up earlier, but was a bit sidetracked by personal issues. My feelings about the product haven’t changed, however, and I still feel that it’s relevant, so I decided to go ahead and post it. — 5FG

Winter weather has returned to wreak havoc on our skin. Life at this time of year (the holidays) can be hectic enough without also having to deal with tight, dry or even flaky skin on our faces. While making a recent drugstore run, I came across a couple of new cleansers from Olay. I picked one up to give it a try and see if I would add it to my regular winter skin routine. 


Makeup Revolution Sport Fixing Spray

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Wouldn’t it just be great if you could get your makeup to last all day long, without having to touch it up? Admittedly, I don’t put as much effort into it as some do, but I would like to have my work preserved for more than a few hours. Thankfully there are plenty of makeup primers and setting sprays on the market that can do just that. I have tried a few of these sprays in the past, and there are some quality ones available. Recently I decided to try one from Makeup Revolution, a drugstore brand that is gaining popularity for it’s quality and affordability.Makeup Revolution Makeup Fixing Spray


Drugstore Face Off – Olay vs. L’Oreal

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Being a makeup and skincare fan, I am aware of the importance of not only putting products on  my face, but also how I take them off. And as I age, I’m noticing the ways that my skin is changing and reacting to the various cleansers I use for removing my makeup. I’m having to ease off of the harsher cleansers I used to rely on in my younger days, although I do still need a good exfoliant to help with the whole dead skin thing. In the past year or so I have been enjoying one particular cleanser from L’Oreal, but recently had come across a similar one from Olay, and decided to compare them to see if either had a particular advantage over the other.Olay and L'Oreal exfoliating cleansers.


Favorite Lip Colors for Fall

Favorites, lifestyle & beauty By October 16, 2017 Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , No Comments

I did a recent clear out of my makeup stash and confirmed a pattern in my lip collection that I had already suspected; I have a thing for a good dark, vampy lip. And though dark lips are most associated with autumn and winter months, I will do my best to try to sneak one into my look any time of year. Although nude shades do run a close second, at heart I have always gravitated toward plummy, wine and berry shades, and I don’t think that will ever go away. So I thought I’d share some drugstore favorites from my collection, and a new shade I recently picked up. Because yes, I have a problem. I admit it.Favorite dark lip colors for fall


Skinfood Face Masks

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I admit it, I’m a mask-aholic. Every time I see a new one, I at least think about trying it. I am not partial to high end or drugstore; I have favorites on both ends. And I have spoken before about my fondness for K-beauty products, so when I saw a few new masks from long-time company SkinFood (a brand that I haven’t tried), I thought I’d give them a whirl. The results were…well, just keep reading.


Not Your Mother’s She’s A Tease Hairspray

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It’s true that I don’t talk about hair products on the blog very much – or ever, really. Part of that reason is that I am in the midst of a growing-out-a-pixie campaign, and I happen to be in that ugly middle stage, where I just can’t do a darn thing with this mop on my head. If I were a woman of lesser will, I would break down and cut it off, but I refuse. I don’t have much farther to go, and I’m going to stick it out. Another reason is that I’m not much of a product person when it comes to my hair. I like to keep it simple and somewhat allow my hair to do its own thing. So when I was out and about shopping for new hairspray – one of my few products I use frequently – I saw that an old favorite brand of mine had a new one available and decided to give it a try.


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