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Sukin Clean Skincare

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Spring has come around again, and I am continuing on my clean skincare journey. Most recently I tried a few items from Sukin skincare, a line produced in Australia, that has a laundry list of items their products aren’t made with, like pthalates and parabens, but also without propylene glycol or mineral oils. And they’re cruelty-free, too. Sold!


Cancer Update – Expect the Unexpected

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For about the last year or so, I have periodically shared my personal experience with breast cancer here on the blog, both from a dietary perspective and through other facets that were involved, such as my appearance. And I am currently still recovering and receiving follow-up chemotherapy as part of my treatment. I responded very well to all the treatments and surgery I had, and was on the path to returning to a semi-normal life.Fresh pomegranate.


Cancer Update – the Post-Mastectomy Experience

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It started last summer. My sharp-eyed doctor discovered that I actually had more than one mass in my breast, and a subsequent biopsy revealed that it was also positive. I then became a candidate for a modified radical mastectomy, as opposed to just a lumpectomy. So I had a decent amount of time to research and think about my procedure. I have mentioned in previousΒ postsΒ that I don’t have any tremendous emotional attachment to my body parts, so I probably wouldn’t be feeling any enormous sense of loss after my surgery. You’ll pardon me while I ramble a bit on what I’m thinking and feeling now that it is a reality.


Cancer Update – Changing the Menu

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I am a couple of weeks into my diagnosis now, and as you are reading this, I have begun my chemotherapy treatments. To say that I hadn’t pictured myself doing this a year ago (or ever) would be the gross understatement of the year. But my official “campaign slogan” is #worktheproblem, and I have every intention of doing that. Not giving into the drama, just focusing all of myself on getting past this. Needless to say this situation has basically upended every part of my life, especially now that chemotherapy is involved. The biggest change is physical, and in turn that means that one of the foundations of my daily life – my diet – will be changing also. Unfortunately I’m having to play it somewhat by ear, but I at least have a small idea of how my personal “menu” is going to be changing and what I need to do to make these next several months a little easier on my body.


A Look at Layer 8 Performance Wear

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Anybody else out there on the fitness bandwagon? Hope it’s going well for all of you (don’t give up – you can do it!) It had been a metaphorical minute since I had been in the gym, and I had forgotten how much I actually enjoy it. So it hasn’t been all that difficult for me to stick with my plan of getting in there two or three times a week for a little bit of cardio and weights. Another thing I had forgotten was how much I enjoy buying workout wear. While it’s certainly not the most important factor in getting fit ( you can be healthy wearing whatever you want), I personally get moreΒ motivated to go to the gym if I’m wearing something that makes me feel a little more confident. What doesn’t make me feel so confident is if I have to shell out a load of my hard-earned money to acquire said clothing. Thankfully I came across Layer 8, Β a brand of athletic wear that is very high-quality and at the same time won’t break the bank!


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