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Top 5 Foods for Heart Health

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It’s February, and this month is all about hearts. Nope, I don’t mean the ones you see for Valentine’s Day. I mean your heart, and my heart, and everyone else’s, too. The heart is one of our most crucial pieces of biology, and as many people can attest, it is nothing to be messed around with. Taking care of your heart should be part of your everyday routine, quite a bit of which can be done through your diet. So here are five foods that are sure to make your heart happy.


Five Foods for Healthy Skin

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Ok, so this one goes out to the ladies this week…or, well, anyone who is interested in having healthy, good-looking skin. It’s important after all; it’s the largest organ we have and when you think about it, it really is the first thing people see. And we all know that getting our vitamins and minerals is important if we want to live a generally long, healthy life and keep our skin looking (and feeling) good. While some of us are a little more prodigious about getting them than others, it is something we should all keep in mind. Some folks take supplements or topical treatments, but if you’re like me, you’d much rather eat what’s good for you than take a pill. So I’m venturing into the realm of skin-loving vitamins, and the five foods that contain the highest levels of them. As a small disclaimer, I am in no way a nutritionist or a dermatologist, so if you have any questions about what is covered in this post, please consult a professional. I’m just over here trying to eat a little healthier!


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