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Top 5 Foods for Heart Health

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It’s February, and this month is all about hearts. Nope, I don’t mean the ones you see for Valentine’s Day. I mean your heart, and my heart, and everyone else’s, too. The heart is one of our most crucial pieces of biology, and as many people can attest, it is nothing to be messed around with. Taking care of your heart should be part of your everyday routine, quite a bit of which can be done through your diet. So here are five foods that are sure to make your heart happy.


Top 5 Foods for Stress Relief

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Stress. Who hasn’t felt it at one point or another? Who doesn’t feel it to some degree or another every single day? And while there are plenty of ways to relieve it, one way that is natural, tasty, and won’t get you in trouble with the law (I hope) is through food. I decided to do a little looking into some foods that can help take our stress levels down a bit, and nourish us at the same time.


It’s Never Too Late for Good Luck!

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There are certain situations in life where timing can be crucial. And some of my readers may be a little confused – or even put out – that I am posting this after the fact. However, I say there’s never an inappropriate time to do what you can to bring good fortune to yourself, if you happen to believe in that sort of thing. I myself will take all the prosperity I can get anytime I can get it. That being said…


Guest Post – The Mysteries of Spanakopita Revealed

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So my dear friend (and excellent cook, might I add) asked me about the possibility of her doing a guest post on my blog and I thought, “What a great idea!” I’m sure my readers would be interested in learning more about whatever incredible food knowledge she might have. So here she is in all her cooking glory, talking to you about the most delectable Greek specialty there is (sorry baklava fans, but I’m partial):

Hello, my name is Sondra and my very good friend said I could make a post about my favorite dish. My
very favorite dish of all time is Spanakopita. Say it with me now, Span-eh-co-pita. Translation: Spinach Pie. Why do I like it so much? Well simply put,
it’s because I’m Greek. I grew up with Spanakopita being made in my house all
the time. It was especially made around the holidays and with the holidays
coming up, I’ve been a little nostalgic lately. I try to carry on the tradition
and I make a lot of it during the holidays for friends and family. My father
and I also make it for our church events, because at my church it’s not an
“event” unless you have lots of food.


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